Holding your new baby for the first time can turn you into a different person, and for Brittany at Chatbooks, it turned her into a picture-taking maniac. Before motherhood, Brittany only took photos on special occasions. These days, every move the baby makes is a special occasion! She wanted to capture every little moment without missing a thing. Brittany said, “I feel like I’m in this whirlwind for the first few months. Meanwhile, everyday my baby is changing and I can’t remember what she was like a few weeks ago, so I have to document EVERY. SINGLE. THING.”

Brittany always felt that taking photos was a big priority, but it wasn’t until her baby was born that she had the idea to take a picture every day for a year to document her little one’s first year of life. In the beginning, she was in the NICU and it was touch and go for a minute there, so thinking about taking a pic a day for a year with her little was the best thing to think about. Using hashtag #365, Brittany kept the photos organized when posting to Instagram, marking the special one from each day that would end up in the baby book.

Being a mom is a wild ride, and sometimes the day got away from Brittany. Even if it was too late and her baby was in bed, Brittany would sneak into the dark and get her photo. Sure, the flash sometimes woke her baby, but those were often her favorite moments. Brittany said, “I  remember how she slept on her tummy with her bum in the air, or how she was bundled up because her little hands were often cold.”

Not every picture she took for the 365 days was perfectly staged, or even eventful, but that’s what made those photos most memorable—their imperfections and honesty.

Brittany was able to organize her hashtag books into a Rifle Series with 60 photos per Volume.  She uploaded all the photos using Instagram, sorting the photos she wanted with her trusty hashtag filter #365. 

“It was such a great way to document her first year. It was the fastest, most exciting time of her life, and when her personality really started to shine through. Now I have all of that documented with my picture-per-day Chatbooks!” said Brittany.

Brittany created something truly remarkable with her daughter’s books—something that they’ll both enjoy for the rest of their lives.

“I can’t even look through them without tearing up,” said Brittany. “Time goes by too fast and if you’re a mom like me, you kiss their faces, endlessly begging them to stop growing so quickly.”

Until moms unite to find a way to keep their little ones from growing up so fast, there will be Chatbooks.

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