Although we all have different priorities when it comes to parenting, one thing every mom can agree on is SLEEP RULES! Advice on how to help newborn babies sleep better (if they sleep at all, really) is a recurring hot topic in our #Momforce Facebook group. We pulled together some of the most common and helpful suggestions for parents of newborns.

Establish a routine. Getting your baby on a schedule can make a world of difference. Sometimes during the newborn phase, it’s difficult to remember much of anything. When did you feed them last? When did you change their diaper? How long did they sleep? Keeping a journal beside your bed and jotting down when they eat, sleep, and get changed can be a total game changer. After a few days, you can look back and see the routine your wee one has established for both of you. Then you can slowly adapt the routine to fit your schedule.

Master the swaddle. Babies can wake themselves up with their own reflexes during sleep, particularly when their hands flail around. Wrapping your little one in a tight swaddle can prevent this, and it also makes your baby feel as though they’re in a perpetual hug. A few recommended brands by #Momforce members include the Ollie World Swaddle and Swaddleme blankets.

Dress them in a sleepsuit. Sometimes finding a swaddle method in the middle of the night can be tricky. Sleepsuits offer the same security and hugging sensation as swaddling, but they can be zipped or velcroed quickly. One mom said the sleepsuit “made a HUGE difference” for her baby—and granted her the longest nap she’d had since giving birth!

Trust the experts. When your baby isn’t sleeping well, it can really take a toll on your brain. In those sleepless days, it’s always a good idea to grab a book and check out what the experts say. Several moms swear by the Babywise book, outlining a tried and tested method to get babies to sleep longer and better. Some other book recommendations by #Momforce include Happiest Baby on the Block and Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Baby.

Experiment with white noise. That crazy notion of babies being used to the womb sounds and still craving it might be true. White noise machines, or white noise apps, are fantastic for imitating the sound they got cozy with before making their grand entrance. One #Momforce member said her one-month-old infant falls right asleep as soon as the white noise machine turns on!

Enjoy the snuggles. Sometimes newborns are trying to figure out all of these crazy, new things outside of Mama’s belly. The newborn phase doesn’t last long, so enjoy those cuddle moments while they’re here—the dishes and laundry wait!

You got this mama! Every baby is wonderful and different. Some of these suggestions might not work for your little one, or maybe they don’t feel right for you. But we sure hope that one of them will bring you a little relief and your wee one a few more sweet dreams. When babies sleep better, mom sleeps better—and that makes everyone happier!


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