They say good things come to those that sweat…

But if we’re sweating just from chasing our pets/kids around the house, we don’t need to exercise on top of that, right? Hear what a fitness blogger has to say about making exercise part of your routine (and not just a chore).

Meet Evann Clingan.

(Photo courtesy of @coastal_flicks)

By day, she is a Senior Digital Strategist at Mekanism. By night, she is a fitness guru—documenting her workout adventures on her blog. You might even find her running through NYC jamming to Beyoncé. She’s as busy a woman as they come and yet, she still knows how important it is to make exercise a priority.

Evann suggests three tips to help make exercise part of your everyday:

  • Schedule your workout time like you would a meeting. With so many daily pressures and immediate priorities, exercise often gets pushed to the, “To-Do In 2041 When I Might Have Time” list (that, along with getting that colonoscopy and going through the million files on your hard drive). Evann often says, “You can’t find more time, but you can create time in your day for your priorities.” Make exercise a priority and plan for it each day by putting it on your calendar. (And, realize that sometimes creating time takes creativity.) Some days your schedule might allow for you to go to a fitness class, other days your exercise might consist of taking a “runch” (a run during your lunch break), doing a playground workout while your kids are playing at the park, or running around the track while your child has soccer practice. However much time your schedule allows, find ways to incorporate a workout.


(Photo courtesy of @coastal_flicks)

  • Discover your favorite activity and stick with it. Evann is one of those rare unicorns that enjoys running as her method of exercise. However, she realizes everyone has different preferences and recommends finding whatever activity you love to stay active. “Your friends might enjoy yoga or lifting weights,” Evann says, “but you might prefer dancing or playing sports. That’s totally fine! Find a type of movement that you enjoy and do it often.” Experimenting with different types of activities may take time, but can make a world of a difference in your determination to stick with it.
  • Find an app to help. Why do the work that something else can do for you? Apps can help you track goals and give you workout guides. Plus, they can make things more exciting for you and give you added motivation. “Most often, I check my Fitbit stats on the accompanying app. I recently downloaded Aaptiv, which coaches you through running and strength workouts, and Inscape, a meditation guide,” Evann says of using fitness apps herself. She also recommends using apps that give you specific workout ideas like Yoga With Adriene.  

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Most importantly, be accountable to someone/something. Write your goals down, sign up for a class to push you to get out of bed, or make a friend who you can share your fitness journey with. Whatever you do, evaluate the things you are currently making a priority in your life. Remember that it’s OK to say “No” to other less meaningful activities so that you can say “Yes” to better things—like your health!

How do you stay active? Share your tips below!