Teachers shape our kids in so many important ways. It’s nice to make them feel special with a token of your appreciation for a year well spent on your kiddo. The end of the school year is coming fast, so we put together a little list that our Momforce by Chatbooks on Facebook group suggested as easy gifts that teachers will love.

Gift cards are the greatest. When asking the teachers of the group, they almost unanimously said they throw or give away most of the trinkety stuff and sweets they receive because they just get so much of it. Gift cards, however, allow them to buy supplies, books, and all kinds of things for their classes. Movie gift cards are always a hit, as well as gift cards for massages. And you can count on everyone loving a gift card for Target or Amazon. In fact, we found an awesome website with some really creative and fun ways to give gift cards. Bonus idea: Ask other parents to go in on a gift card and make it an especially grand gift!

Make it personal. Teachers really love personalized, handwritten notes and thank-yous. A photo of your child and their teacher could be the perfect way to say thank you. Personalized stationary and thank-you cards are always a win too.

Classy gifts are always appreciated. Most teachers spend much of their own money on extra class supplies. Items such as Expo Markers, erasers, colored paper, and so on make outstanding gifts. One of our Momforce members mentioned her friend who teaches elementary, and how each year she uses donorschoose.org to ask for donations toward something that benefits her classroom. A book that could be read aloud to the class, art supplies, hand sanitizer, and other gifts that are teacher-specific aren’t just useful—they’re thoughtful, too.

You got this, mama! Teaching our little ones is a big job and worthy of a special thanks at the end of the school year. Teachers will tell you themselves that their real reward is shaping the future, one kiddo at a time. And you know you’ll especially miss and appreciate their efforts this summer! 😉


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