“This is an Instagram post I did about my dad a few years back”, said Rikki, Chatbooks event guru. “ And it still chokes me up! What can I say?! I love my dad!”

A man who buys gag gifts yet loves high-end cologne? We just had to know: what does he get for Father’s Day?

“What am I getting my dad for Father’s Day? Easy,” said Rikki. “A Chatbook!”

Living across the country from her parents, Rikki loves the ease of staying connected via Chatbooks. “My family has a Chatbook Series that we all contribute to, but I wanted to do something extra special for my dad.” said Rikki. So, she pulled out some old photo albums and a box of childhood memorabilia and got to work. Photographing in good, natural light, Rikki placed baby pictures, old family snapshots, and even some elementary school artwork on a flat surface, pulled out her phone and started taking photos. “I don’t have a scanner at my house so this was the next best thing. And it turned out great!”

After taking all the photos, Rikki opened the Chatbooks app and created her photo book. “I always pick the 8×8” Hardcover size when making special photo books. I like the feel of the hardcover and my dad prefers the larger print.” Rikki used the exclusive Father’s Day I Am Your Father cover. Start to finish, the whole process took Rikki less than fifteen minutes—as a busy mother of seven, Rikki wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I added a few captions for reference to the older pictures. I also added some fun descriptions of what my first-grade artwork was depicting,” said Rikki. “I got lucky and found a letter my dad wrote me when I was a teenager. That was a real tear jerker! So obviously, I included it.😎”

While it may be tricky and take a little bit of time to unearth the sort of treasures Rikki found for her dad’s book, it’s totally worth it. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably packed your childhood away in unlabeled boxes and stuffed them in the back of your crawl space. Roll up your sleeves and open up the box—we guarantee you’ll find some keepers! Alternately, get your siblings, cousins or other family involved by asking them to send over some of their favorite photos or memories of Dad (or Granddad) It’s a great way to reconnect and make the perfect gift at the same time.

When he opens up his book full of family vacations, grandkids, and pages of his favorite quotes, Dad is certainly going to feel the love. And you know he’s worth it. 💙