Think of all the times you’ve made an excuse to step out of a photo. We’ve been there: it’s scary to think about documenting your sleep-deprived, dry-shampooed, have-a-few-pounds-to-lose self. But when you don’t get in the photo, you are taking yourself out of your own story.

Those flawless pictures you see on social media? Beautiful. But those pictures of your real-life, joy-filled chaos with squinty eyes from smiling too wide? Priceless.

It’s time to let go of trying to capture the perfect picture, and instead capture the perfect moment. Join the movement and get in the photo.

So how do you capture these moments?

We’ve got seven tips to help you get in front of the camera:

  1. Use a self-timer: A timer setting which allows you to take photos of yourself even when no one is around. Set-up the timer, set your camera on an object in the distance (like a tissue box or a stack of magazines), and voila!
  2. Grab a selfie stick: There’s no shame! Most selfie sticks use bluetooth so simply turn on your device, attach your phone to the stick and click the button to capture yourself. Check out some inspiration here. *Use the selfie stick to take unique angles, and, if you make the stick discrete in the photo, no one will ever know!*
  3. Take a simple selfie: Take advantage of your front camera on your phone.
  4. Ask a stranger: Don’t feel awkward – EVERYONE DOES IT. Just ask someone who looks like they know what they’re doing. Otherwise, your photos might end up like this. (We love the candor of this post because we’ve been there too!) If you want to capture action shots, ask them to take a video of you. Then, pause the video later and screenshot your best moments.
  5. Turn your child into a photographer: With a little practice, this can create a fun end result. Show them where to point and shoot and you’ll get to see how your kids see you.
  6. Make a photo pact: For this pact, a bunch of friends mutually agree to take fun, candid photos of each other during a group activity. Don’t worry about swapping cameras or asking for photos to be taken of you. At the end of the night, simply AirDrop or send the corresponding photos to the right people, and you can bet that you’ll have plenty of photos of yourself and others.
  7. Use reflective surfaces: Think sunglasses, shadows, mirrors etc. Using these, you can capture yourself in the photo relatively easily!