Get ready to throw a Favorite Things Party! We’ll be gathering our friends and sharing some of our favorite things (get it?), from spicy chocolate bars to that gym class that’s soo good. Take your Favorites Thing Party to the next level with easy printables. Below are invitations, name tags, banners, and a fun fill-in-the blank “favorites sheet” for your guests!

To download and print images:

1. If you’re on a computer: Double click the image you want so it’s full size, then drag off to your desktop to save it.
2. If you’re on a phone or tablet: Tap the image you want, and a little bar will pop up on the bottom of your screen where you can choose to Save Image. (If you don’t see this bar, choose to “Open in browser/ Open in Safari, where you should then see the bar.)







nametags nametags



Favorites-Party-Box-Final-11 Favorites-Party-Box-Final-12

banner banner


fillintheblank all