Okay, people. Are you getting ready to #FallintoFall? Because we are diving in HEADFIRST, here at Chatbooks. So! We have created a playlist of 10 rad songs, so you can #FallintoFall right along with us!

Blank Space – Ryan Adams  (this song is like an indie Bruce Springsteen covered Taylor Swift’s biggest hit – trust us, you just have to listen)

She Used to Be Mine – Sara Bareilles  (this new tune from the incredible Sara is a song from the Broadway musical, Waitress, that she is writing the music for! Here, she sings the brilliant song herself)

Lose Yourself – Eminem  (just because this song is good any season, any time)

Oh My Love – The Score  (this song is just a FEEL FREAKING AWESOME song. no other explanation needed)

Midnight City – M83  (turn this on, and it is an instant party – synths galore!)

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen  (I THINK this is one of the very best Queen songs. Like you have to listen to it. Right now.)

Young Volcanoes – Fall Out Boy  (ever since Fall Out Boy got revamped, every. song. is EXCELLENT. especially this one.)

Flights – Jack & Jack  (this is a sweeeeeeeeeeeeet jam with the BEST kind of beats)

Like You Do – Angel Taylor  (this song is like Colbie Caillat, circa her “Breakthrough” album, but with a sweet raspiness that is too good to be true)

Only Love – Ben Howard  (this song is like all the autumnal feeling wrapped into one, glorious mix of sounds)

… OKAY! We hope you love this playlist as much as we do! Go make YOUR OWN #FallintoFall Playlist using the hashtag #FallintoFall, and tag us!