Now you can make recording your family story more of a group effort by adding multiple contributors to your Chatbooks! Doing so allows each contributor to share his or her perspective and help tell a more complete story of your life in your family photo books. Now you can see life through your family’s eyes and discover what they consider to be defining moments. In short, you get to know your own family a little better and that’s a huge plus.

Adding a contributor is easy. Here’s how:

1.Click on the book you would like to add a contributor to and click the + symbol in the top right corner

Contributor How-to

2. A code will auto-populate. Now click ‘Share Invite Code’ to send this to your contributor-to-be

How to add contributor

3. You can now select whether you would like to message, email or copy the code. We like using messaging best, but any will work just fine.


4. Insert the person’s contact info and then they can add the unique code to their Chatbooks app and join in the sharing fun.

To Contribute to a Chatbook:

1.Open the Chatbooks app and press the blue plus icon at the bottom

Add a contributor to a photo book

2. Scroll down and click ‘More’

Add a contributor to a photo book

3. At the bottom, click ‘Enter a Code’

How to add a contributor

4. Enter the unique code you received earlier and then you will be able to add photos to that book.

how to add a contributor

* When contributors add photos, everyone in the book can see them. However, each contributor has control over their own book — they can exclude photos, choose their cover, order their own books, etc.