Hi Chatbookers, it’s me Vanessa, Chatbooks co-founder and your devoted Chatbooker-in-Chief.

I can’t tell you how much we LOVE hearing about the ways you use and #loveChatbooks. Lately I’ve been working with an amazing videographer to put together a series of “Video #Chattymonials” with some of our local Customers. Your stories are so inspiring and I can’t wait to start sharing these videos with you – soon!

But today, I want to share an amazing story from a Chatbooker in Tennessee. I don’t have video, but look at this beautiful family and read their story. It’s stories like this one that prompted us to start our Military Family Discount program.

Without further ado, please meet Lara, a darling Chatbooker, military wife and mother of two adorable children:


“My name is Lara, I’m a wife to Brandon and a mom to my two kids Addison and Kennon. I started Instagram in 2011 because I had just had my first child and not long after my husband deployed. He missed our daughters first year of life, all the milestones, birthdays, and everything.

I found using Instagram was a great way for him to see in pictures everything we did while he was gone. It was too hard to print photos and make my own books. Then in 2014 came our second deployment, this time when he left I was pregnant, I ended up giving birth to Kennon and raising him till daddy was able to return and meet his son at 6 months old.

While he was gone I learned about Chatbooks. So brilliant, exactly what I needed and didn’t have time to do myself. I instantly signed up for the Instagram series. Brandon and I are able to pull out these amazing books and go through them and I can say ‘oh hub, this is the time that…’ and tell him in detail the experiences he missed but now feels a part of because we have something tangible to touch and look at! It is a blessing I never can be thankful enough for.”