Back in the day, when I was super into scrapbooking, I took tons of pictures with our big Canon film camera. I loved documenting every moment and milestone of our family so we could remember them in our scrapbooks. Looking through a new batch of developed photos was like Christmas morning and I couldn’t wait to “scrap” them and get them into books. But, as life got busier and I had less and less time for scrapbooking I changed. I deliberately stopped taking pictures. At first I would only take pictures of the most “photo worthy” moments. But as time went on, I just flat out quit taking pictures all together. Somehow I convinced myself that if I didn’t take pictures then I wouldn’t feel guilty about not doing anything with them. Nothing haunted me more than stacks of photos on my desk waiting to be put into books…except maybe the guilt of not documenting our family’s story!

I want you all to meet Lexie and her husband Garrett. Lexie is not afraid to take pictures. In fact she takes millions of pictures! According to Garrett she takes pictures of every first and last, and inbetween moment of their family’s lives. With little girls as cute as hers I would too!  According to Lexie, “every moment ever is photo worthy”! And thanks to Chatbooks, they can hold on to all of those precious photos and memories without any stress at all. Right Garrett?!  🙂