Forgive me for getting a little sentimental here, but our memories are everything! Our memories remind us of who we were and they help us know who we are. What if you could no longer remember?

Have you seen the movie The Notebook, or read the book by Nicholas Sparks?  It tells the beautiful and tumultuous love story of Duke and Allie.  Allie, in her advanced years, was hospitalized for dementia and the plot unfolds as Duke reads the story of their lives together. Duke had written their story down in a book and he would read it to her to help her remember. It is the sweetest and most tender story – so many feelings!

Kristin and her family are using Chatbooks as “The Notebook” for their sweet Noni. Steve and I were wiping away the tears as we filmed this Chattymonial and I’m so excited to share it with you now.