In honor or our big “Grandfather your Grandpa” sale this week, I want to introduce you to my favorite set of Grandparents.  Ranier and April Munns are a couple of our first and most loyal Chatbooks customers. They are also my parents and the proud grandparents of 53 (and counting!) grandchildren.

That’s a lot of grandkids you say? Well, I am the oldest of 12 children. Two of my sisters and I have 7 children, one of my brothers has 6, and the rest of my siblings have 3 or 4 with some still going! We love our big family and are very close. But, it is a challenge to keep connected with everyone, especially because we are all strung out across the country from Florida to California.

My parents #loveChatbooks because now, through our iOS and Android app, we have an ongoing family “chat” with photos and comments. Each of my siblings and their spouses, as well as many of the grandkids are contributors to our “Munnsworld” ongoing book series.  We all love getting the “cousin book” as we call it and my parents love not having to pester us for pictures of the grandkids anymore. Now, for every 60 pictures posted, they automatically get another awesome “brag book”!

Nate and I are so grateful for our parents’ love and support while starting this company. As my parents freely admit, they did worry a bit watching us quit good jobs and invest so much of our time and money into a new startup company – it’s a little scary for sure! But as soon as they held their first Chatbook, they realized that we were on to something. Family is what matters most and Chatbooks helps our family stay close.

Take advantage of our awesome sale this week and order an additional subscription to your Instagram Series for the grandparents in your lives. I promise, they will love it!

p.s. You may have noticed that all of my parents’ books have green spines. In version 1.0 of Chatbooks we printed ongoing “Chat Series” books with green spines. With the upcoming launch of version 2.0 all of our books will be printed with white spines just like our Instagram Series books today.