Want to have your cake and eat it too? Well meet Erika. Erika is the beauty and the brains behind Clean Simple Eats and with her Sweet Cravings cookbook, you can eat cake!!

Erika shares her passion for heathy living and clean eating on her blog and Instagram. She is an incredible cook and often shares her recipes too. We were so thrilled when she decided to make a Chatbook cookbook of her tastiest treats.

Erika used the Chatbooks app to make a book with her photos and recipes. Then she ordered a bunch and put them up for sale on her website. She quickly sold out and then got even more clever. She didn’t re-order another big batch of books, she just started taking orders on her website. Each time an order came in she simply opened up the Chatbooks app on her iPhone, ordered another copy of her book, and had us ship the book directly to her customer. Genius!

We loved her ingenuity so much that we started wondering if others like her might also want to publish their content in Chatbooks form. And with that, “Project Publisher” was born. Our goal with this project is to make it Chatbooks-easy to publish a book or book series. In the coming weeks we’re excited to share some other examples of folks using Chatbooks to share their love for food, exercise, crafts, decorating, yoga, photography and more. So many interesting and talented people in the world!

If you’re a content creator and you’d be interested in joining our Publisher beta, send us a quick email saying hi at hello@chatbooks.com — and if you know someone who should be publishing their stuff, please share!

Thank you Erika for showing us the way…and for sharing your delicious avocado brownies with us. They were delicious!

Check out Erika’s Sweet Cravings cookbook and see for yourself!