If you haven’t already fallen in love with the little, energetic, adorably smushed faced Chatpup, you probably haven’t been properly introduced… Meet Lady Roxane de Floride, our beloved Chatbooks mascot. But you can call her Roxie.


I didn’t think I’d ever want another dog after our beloved Boston Terrier, Cookie, passed away a couple of years ago. Nate and the kids begged and begged but I held my ground. I didn’t want another baby to raise! However…when we met Roxie for the first time, it was clear that she was the exception. I couldn’t help myself! Her perky ears and puppy eyes were just too much.  I was smitten. So, I struck a deal with Nate and the kids that she would be their dog and that they would be in charge of taking care of her. The deed was done!


Turns out Roxie is the perfect addition to our family and everyone is pitching in to do their part to take care of our sweet little pup. The younger kids love taking her for walks and playing with her in the yard. Nate and the older boys are responsible for her care/potty-training/feeding and even though there have been rough patches in the potty training department, she is making progress. All of the kids are working to teach her some simple commands too. It’s amazing what she will do for a treat! I’m happy to report that everyone is keeping their end of the bargain in taking care of her and I really haven’t had to do much at all! (Except for that time Nate and all of the big kids were out of town and she swallowed a rawhide bone and I had to take her to the doggie ER to have it surgically removed from her stomach! We learned the hard way to NEVER give a dog rawhide!) Anyway, none of us can get enough of her and we love her like crazy.

If you ever want to meet Roxie in person just stop by Chatbooks HQ where she comes to work everyday – she takes her Chatpup duties very seriously!


We love Roxie!