Chatbookers…You’ve blown us away with your amazing reviews in the Apple app and Google Play stores! To celebrate some of our favorite 5 Star reviews and our amazing customers who make it all possible, we have commissioned local Utah artists to create stars, inspired by actual reviews, to display on our #chatbooksallstars wall here at Chatbooks HQ.


This Chatbooks Star created by Justin Wheatley was inspired by this review by “Mostwhatmatters”:

Easy way to preserve family history

I’ve always loved making photo books until I began taking more and more photos without different cameras and such. The Chatbooks app makes documenting family history automatic. I post photos to my private Instagram account which my family will see, then Chatbooks creates the books for me. One picture per page, up to 60 pages for $8! NO shipping charge or fees. No gimmicks! The quality of the books is nice. My children LOVE to sit and look through them. I love to as well. This app has transformed my Insta feed since I know I will have posted photos printed. I am taking more photos and preserving my family history. Love it Chatbooks! —5 Star App Review from Mostwhatmatters on Jan 24, 2015

Justin chose this review because his family uses Chatbooks for the same reason. He says, “Chatbooks is the perfect way to keep our memories close at hand. We love the Wasatch Mountains and spend a lot of time hiking in them. Mount Timpanogos stands out for its majesty and can be found on many of the pages in our Chatbooks library.”

Mount Timpanogos can also be found just outside our windows here at Chatbooks HQ and we just love Justin’s star!  We also love this Chatbooks review that Justin wrote himself….”Chatbooks are not only great for family photos, they come in handy for my business as well. After discovering the ease of using the Chatbooks app, I realized its practical use for cataloging my artwork and art shows. I even catalogued everything all the way back to high school. Now if I need to reference a past work for a title, size, or location it’s right at my fingertips.”


We’d love to hear what you think of Chatbooks. Head on over the app store (Apple andAndroid) and tell us what you think of your Chatbooks and the app. Who knows, you may be the next #chatbooksallstars winner! Happy Chatbooking!