Chatbookers…You’ve blown us away with your amazing reviews in the Apple app and Google Play stores! To celebrate some of our favorite 5 Star reviews and our amazing customers who make it all possible, we have commissioned local Utah artists to create stars, inspired by actual reviews, to display on our #chatbooksallstars wall here at Chatbooks HQ.


This darling Chatbooks Star created by Stephanie Hock was inspired by this sweet review by “CharmMama” via the App Store:

Easy and Automatic 
Putting photo books together can be tedious and time-consuming and frustrating for me–but as a mom, I really hold photos dear. This is the perfect solution! It does all of the work–all I have to do is keep up my mamarazzi ways!

Stephanie  says she chose this review because, “As a fellow mamarazzi, I’ve suffered the same stress of trying to find a good way to print and preserve the thousands of pictures I take of my four small kids. Chatbooks has relieved all the mommy guilt of not scrapbooking and has freed me up to just keep enjoying and photographing those kids that I love. My kids love looking at Chatbooks and I love the treasure of looking back at their small faces that are changing way too fast. “

I love that! We all have a little “Mamarazzi” in us. And don’t you love the way the little girl floating in the pool is the star?! So clever! And “CharmMama”, if you’re out there, email me us at to claim your #chatbooksallstar prize!

We’d love to hear what all you Chatbookers out there think! Head on over the app store (Apple and Android) and tell us what you think of your Chatbooks and the app. Who knows, you may be the next #chatbookallstars winner! Happy Chatbooking!