Chatbooks Star by Sarah Richards Samuelson

It’s time to highlight another one of our amazing 5 star app reviews with another star for our #cb_allstars wall of fame! This star is by Sarah Richards Samuelson, also known as “The Tulip Painter”. She chose this review written by “Insta girl 1-9” as her inspiration.

The only way to print photo albums!

BEST way to “scrapbook” my family’s favorite moments! I post to Instagram, Chatbooks prints it and sends a book to my mailbox. Brilliant idea! We have a stack of 15 Chatbooks so far and not only do we use them to reminisce, but my girls love a game we play – Chatbook Bingo. They each grab a Chatbook and wait for the cue (i.e. “Find a picture with someone swimming” or “Find a picture of a holiday”) then they flip through the pages until someone calls out what they found.
We usually end up just thumbing through the pages and reliving the memories. Thanks, Chatbooks, for a brilliant, inexpensive way to create our family photo albums!!

Chatbook Bingo! I love that idea so much. I love playing games with my family and so does Sarah! She says:

I loved the review I picked where the family played Chatbooks bingo because it reminded me of the way my daughters sit and each grab a book.  I think Chatbooks are perfect, and I rarely have printed photos so my kids are just used to seeing them on screens, so I love that Chatbooks are tangible.  They have become an important part of our story.

Here’s a game for you…hidden in this painting are 3 red hearts. Can you find it? Sarah often hides hearts in her paintings, here’s how the Chatbooks star got 3 hearts:

As I was painting I noticed a small heart–I thought it was too cute and so completely unintentional that it must stay. I felt delighted and I called my girls to come over and see! We all loved it and decided it should have 3 hearts, one for each of my daughters. That is just what I did and I really love how it turned out!

To learn more about Sarah and her work you can visit her blog or find her on Instagram or Facebook. And thank you “Insta girl 1-9” for your awesome review! If you’re out there, please email me at to claim your#cb_allstars prize!

We’d love to hear from all you Chatbookers out there! Head on over the app store (Apple and Android) and tell us what you think of your Chatbooks and the app. Who knows, you may be the next#cb_allstars winner! Happy Chatbooking!