Years ago my husband Nate and I were lucky enough to live in Paris with our young family. We absolutely fell in love with everything there, especially the amazing bread! I couldn’t get enough. Sometimes I’d just get a plain baguette for lunch and eat it as I walked around the city, making sure to grab another loaf for dinner before heading home. Bread was literally our staff of life! And crumbs were the bane of my existence. That deliciously crusty bread left crumbs everywhere. It wasn’t until we’d been there for a couple of month that I discovered pain tranché…SLICED BREAD! There are these machines in the boulongeries that will automatically slice your loafs sparing you tons of crumbs at home. I had never seen anything like it before and suddenly remembered as saying I’d heard before.

amanning2468 knows what I’m talking about:

I love the easiness of this service!

This is the best thing since sliced bread! I am SO excited to finally have my pictures in an easy to look at format. It was so easy to get all of my photos off of Facebook and create the books. I’m in love!

The best thing since sliced bread is pretty high praise in my book! But instead of no more crumbs, with Chatbooks you’ll no longer have that nagging guilt for not getting your photos off your phone and out of the cloud and into your hands. #holdwhatmatters Thank you amanning2468 for this sweet 5 star review and for loving Chatbooks!

And thank you to Mark Crenshaw for painting this amazing star for our Chatbooks All-Star Wall of Fame to commemorate this 5 star review. Mark Crenshaw is an oil painter that lives and works in Utah and whose current work focuses on food and it’s many stages of development before we eat it. No wonder he chose this particular review to paint!

To learn more about Mark and his work you can visit the website he shares with his artist wife, or find him on Instagram. And amanning2468, if you’re out there, please email me at vanessa@chatbooks.com to claim your special #cb_allstars prize!

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