My husband Nate is seriously into “birding”. Do you know what that is? It is “the observation of birds in their natural habitats as a hobby.” Not everyone in our family shares his passion, but we all celebrate with him when he spots a new bird for his life list. So, needless to say, we all cheered when we received this amazing Chatbooks star for our #cb_allstars wall from Jenna Von Benedickt.

Jenna is an English born artist who moved to Utah’s Rocky Mountains in 2000.  Jenna’s passion for art is inseparably connected to faith and family and for her Chatbooks star she “put a bird on it” to represent this short but sweet review from the appstore by KMason3:

Love it!

In our digital world we are losing history! Pictures are taken and shared but not saved! Chatbooks is a great way to keep those memories!

Yes, I completely agree! We ARE losing history as our precious photos get lost on hard drives, or buried in the noise of social  media, or even vanish when we accidentally drop our phones in the toilet.

I love how Jenna describes her passion for the past in her bio:

So many of my paintings are inspired by memories of my time being raised in England, and I take a lot of pride in my past. Having a record (written and visual) will become treasures to our children & grandchildren, and help us capture our time & place in the grand scheme of things.

Thanks again to Jenna for this incredible painting. Be sure to check out her website and Instagram to see more of her work  and if you are “KMason3” email me at to claim your#cb_allstars prize!

We’d love to hear from all you Chatbookers out there! Head on over to the app store (Apple and Android) and tell us how Chatbooks is helping you hold on to what matters. Who knows…you might be our next #cb_allstars winner!