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Chatbooks Star by Cristall Harper


If you haven’t been introduced yet, this is Roxie the “Chatpup”. Roxie is our family dog and the Chatbooks mascot. She comes to the office everyday with me and Nate to mostly just lays around and eats snacks. But she does have some serious jobs, like posing for photoshoots and entertaining visitors to Chatbooks HQ. She also provides some serious creative inspiration…this time for our latest Chatbooks Star by Cristall Harper.

Cristall is an artist who specializes in pet portraits so we were completely thrilled when she offered to capture the likeness of our beloved Chatpup. It will take a prominent place on our #cb_allstars wall to represent all of our amazing 5 star reviews like this one by “GregandBonnie” in the app store….

“I really enjoy using Chatbooks to chronicle my family’s life journey. Not much a scrapbooker, but I love having picture books to bring back memories. Very user friendly and there are various shipping options. I have mine set to automatically deliver a book to my house each time I fill it up. You can have your photos automatically sync to your Chatbooks profile or you can manually add photos from your phone or social media platforms.”

My favorite word in this review is “automatically”. With our Photo Book Series, Chatbooks takes all the work out of making photo books. Just set up your Series and then be delighted when a photo book automatically shows up in your mailbox. Kind of the way Roxie the Chatpup delights everyone that comes to the office!

Thanks again to Cristall for this incredible painting. Be sure to check out her website to see more of her work and how perfectly she captures “the happy loyalty of love and friendship.” And if you are “GregandBonnie” email me at vanessa@chatbooks.com to claim your#cb_allstars prize!

We’d love to hear from all you Chatbookers out there! Head on over to the app store (Apple and Android) and tell us what you think of your Chatbooks and the app. Who knows…you might be our next #cb_allstars winner!


Chatbooks Star

Chatbooks Star by Cristall Harper