The 5 star reviews keep coming into the app store and everyone here at Chatbooks is so grateful! Thank you to all who have submitted a review. We really do read and appreciate every single one.

We are also grateful for this gorgeous Chatbooks Star that will soon go up on our Chatbooks Wall of Fame. This star is painted by the beautiful Claire Tollstrup, a native of Salt Lake City, who finds inspiration for her art in everyday life: Utah’s beautiful outdoor scenery, interior design and travels with her family. Even though Claire describes her job as a full-time mother of two, she finds time to paint in her at-home studio and sometimes, her artwork makes its way into the kitchen where her children paint along with her.

My mother April Munns is also an artist and I have fond memories of her painting and creating while we children busied ourselves alongside her. The pieces of art my mother created hung in our home as reminders that although daily life can often be chaotic and messy, there are beautiful moments happening all along the way.

The 5 Star app review that inspired Claire’s beautiful star is by “TonedEmpress99”.

Easy Peasy!

Love this app!! Such an easy way to print memories!

There it is. Sweet and simple. “After all, life is all about remembering,” says Claire. “We printed our first Chatbooks about a year and a half ago, and my family loves looking at them! (Especially the kids) I love being able to save all my pictures and captions, it’s like a journal and scrapbook in one. Also, I add a ton of photos from my phone that I don’t post on Instagram, and I love that they are placed chronologically with the Chatbooks photos.”

To learn more about Claire and her work you can visit her website or find her on Instagram. And thank you “TonedEmpress99” for your sweet review. If you’re out there, please email me at to claim your #cb_allstars prize!

We love hearing from all you Chatbookers out there! Head on over the app store (Apple and Android) and tell us what you think of your Chatbooks and the latest version of the app. Who knows, you may be the next#cb_allstars winner! Happy Chatbooking!