Brittany Scott Chatbooks Star

Behold the latest Chatbooks Star for our All-Star wall here at Chatbooks HQ. This beautiful star is by fine artist Brittany Scott and the 5 star review that inspired her design was written in the App Store by “Jaclynkz74”:


Best app ever! Love that I can print photos in a convenient little book with dates and captions to bring back memories. Especially when, like most people today, I probably never would’ve printed them and put them in a photo album. I love how you can make custom books and the customer service is the absolute best! Any issue I had was quickly addressed and resolved! Can’t wait to make more!!!! Thank you!!

Brittany explains why she choose this review:

How we often forget about our images until we see them again? With Chatbooks we can enjoy reminiscing and looking at them over and over! On my iPhone, I do a great job of catching every milestone and memorable experience in my kids lives, and I have tons of storage, so the pictures just pile up. Now with Chatbooks, I receive an inexpensive, yet quality book reminding me of everything I hold dear and it shows up on my doorstep without having to do much at all. It brings joy to my life over and over. I smile when I take the image. I smile when I get the book in the mail. And everyone smiles when I bring my books to church or pull one out of my purse. My kids look at them over and over again. We enjoy spending time together talking about our memories and I enjoy watching them look back on their short lives and feel the love my husband and I have for them. It deepens our relationship. It also reminds me what it means to be family and it reminds me to savor my husband and children every day. Looking at my Chatbooks remind me how quickly my kids will be grown and on their own because it shows me how much they’ve already grown from just a few years ago and because of that reminder, I’m a better mom. I LOVE Chatbooks also because  in a world of selfishness and greed, Chatbooks has helped so many people take time to foster love and meaning in an simple, yet impactful way.

And don’t you just love Aspens on her star:

This painting was inspired by a family drive we took on the alpine loop just after my youngest son was born. It was crazy and the kids were bouncing off the walls, but it was such a special time for us together as a family having that sweet little baby, driving through such a beautiful place. We missed driving the alpine loop this year since we moved, so I decided to relive the memory by painting it for you guys. The painting reminds me of the energy and rich beauty of that drive as well as other outings, exploring and hiking through the mountains of Utah and the sense of family we established by being outside in nature together.

To learn more about Brittany and her work you can visit her website or find her on Instagram or Facebook. And thank you “Jaclynkz74” for your awesome review! If you’re out there, please email me at to claim your#cb_allstars prize!

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