Every parent can relate to the hustle and bustle of getting Valentine’s cards ready for your little one’s classmates. If you’re looking to win at Valentine’s day cards this year (think: easy, cute, and no sugar high), Chatbooks has the perfect solution: Valentine’s Day coloring cards!

Read on for a step-by-step guide from Keenan on our Chatbooks social media team, who made these cards for her son.

Chatbooks Coloring Valentine’s Cards

Follow this quick tutorial to create your own Valentine’s Day coloring cards. Chatbooks Prints are the perfect size for Valentine’s Cards: small enough for little hands, and big enough for the scribbles of enthusiastic artists. Pair your cards with Valentine’s Day crayons that are ¼ the price of candy, and voila!

And the best part….you only need your phone and don’t have to get off your couch for any of these steps.

  1. Find a few black and white coloring images through a Google search. Just type a theme + “coloring page.” My little guy likes Star Wars (what little guy doesn’t right now?!), so “Star Wars” + “Coloring Page” was an easy find. You can find coloring pages for nearly anything your little one likes: soccer, Frozen, Daniel Tiger, and more.
  2. Crop the images to a square so they print nicely on a Chatbooks Print and (optional) add text to say who the Valentine’s Cards are from. I used a third-party app called Rhonna and found it very easy to crop and edit, but there are dozens of apps to choose from. I designed four different square cards and wrote “From: Logan” on each of them.
  3. Upload your photos to Chatbooks and order your Chatbooks Prints! I uploaded my son’s four favorite images from my phone to the Chatbooks app, and ordered eightcopies of each design to accommodate every student. I also added a few extra that he could color himself. See how to create prints here.
  4. Order crayons to attach to your cards. I ordered 24 of these Valentine’s Day crayon packs for $5.99. You absolutely cannot beat that price! Or, if you’re looking for a quick fix, try this 50 pack of crayons for $10.89 that is eligible for Amazon Prime.
  5. Wrap ‘em up! After collecting the goodies, I added them to clear bags and tied each one with red ribbon, creating the perfect Valentine’s bundle for any little artist.

These fun, unique, and super quick Valentines will be such a hit that they won’t even notice they’re not getting candy! 😉