on August 4, 2016

Every Chatbook tells a unique story. The How I Chatbook Series is a collection of those stories highlighting how people around the world use Chatbooks to help them hold on to what matters.

In this article, we’ll show you how to personalize a photo book with text pages.

Meet Melissa

Melissa has one of the toughest jobs out there…she’s a military mom! For six to eight months out of the year her husband Kenny is deployed by the Coast Guard to travel on scientific expeditions to the Arctic Circle. There is very minimal contact from the North Pole, so Melissa and her two kids only receive the occasional email. Even though Kenny is far away from his family, Melissa likes to shorten the distance between them with a Chatbook full of pictures to keep him included in their lives. Along with the photos she pulls from her camera roll favorites, Melissa likes to personalize the book by including funny quotes from her kids so that Kenny can feel like he was there with them.

For Melissa, Chatbooks are a new and improved way to send her husband a letter. Kenny says he feels connected to his family every time he receives one— seeing pictures from a school field trip or a grocery store visit make him feel involved in the everyday life of his loved ones.

Before sending off the Chatbook, Melissa writes a text page letter to Kenny to tell him how much they love and miss him.

Here’s How Melissa Creates Her Chatbook:
  1. She favorites her best pictures so that they are automatically uploaded to her Camera Roll Favorites Series.
  2. Cute and funny quotes from the kids are added as captions to each picture.
  3. She finishes off the book by selecting the add button in her book and inserting a text page with a letter to her husband.