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12 Super Creative New Mom Survival Kit Ideas

New moms need all the help they can get — here’s how to make her postpartum life a little easier.

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Bringing a new baby home — no matter if it’s your first or last — means long nights, lots of laundry and let’s face it, less time for Target runs. They say it takes a village, which is why gifting a new mom survival kit is a superb idea. There’s a few ways you can help make mom’s postpartum life a bit easier as she celebrates her new bundle of joy — like gifting her a year of Monthbooks so she doesn’t need to worry about scrapbooking baby’s first year. If you’re looking for ideas to help make her experience a little bit easier, try these 12 creative new mom survival kit ideas.


These will definitely come in handy the first few weeks postpartum, and if you have a chance, make some padsicles for mom before she returns from the hospital (place the pad in the freezer so mom has a cold-pack she can add to her underwear). Once mom runs out of the industrial-grade underwear from the hospital, she’ll need these! 

Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads

These hemorrhoidal pads with witch hazel are a great gift to give. Mom has a lot going on, and these pads will definitely aid her healing if she’s dealing with hemorrhoids, or even stitches. You can also send hemorrhoid cream!

Onesie with zipper

Mom’s going to be changing a lot of midnight diapers — so to make it easier on her and baby, onesies with a zipper will make the process a lot faster than if she has to close all of baby’s snaps or buttons in the dark. 

Nipple cream

If she’s breastfeeding, mama will unfortunately experience dry, sore or cracked nipples. Make sure she has some nipple cream for any uncomfortable situations that may arise.

Dry shampoo

With a new baby, it may be hard for mom to find a time to shower (or any time to herself). Dry shampoo is great when you’re in a pinch!

Peri bottle

After birth, mom may need to take special care down there. A peri bottle can help make sure everything is clean, especially if she needs to watch out for stitches.

Pre-made dinners

Whether you use trays or even Ziploc bags, mix up some dinners mom can easily store in her freezer. It’s as easy as throwing some chicken breast, sauce and vegetables into a bag that she can quickly dump out and bake on a tray in the oven — it makes all the difference! 

Gift cards

As a new parent, grocery store trips can be hard. If they live near a grocery store that offers delivery or pickup, a gift card could be a really nice surprise! It also never hurts to offer to do a grocery store run, either.

Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt

Great for baths, especially if mom is still healing down there, new parents definitely deserve some time to themselves — or time to wash. If mom doesn’t have a lot of time for baths, you can also send her Dr. Teal’s Aromatherapy Shower Melts for an upgraded bathing experience.


Having snacks at the ready, like protein bars, will be super helpful to mama. Anything that’s easy to grab will make her postpartum journey that much easier.

Nursing pads

While mom’s body is adjusting to baby’s needs, nursing pads are incredibly helpful when it comes to leaks and avoiding stains (though, let’s be real, there’s going to be a lot of stains).


With barely any time to sleep, it’s definitely hard for parents to organize their newborn’s baby photos. Make the process easy by gifting Monthbooks — they can choose photos straight from their camera roll and print 30 of their favorite baby photos in a super cute photo book.

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