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Cute Wedding Guest Book Ideas For Your Big Day

Remember your big day in an extra special way with your very own, customized wedding guest book.

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Your wedding day is hands-down one of the best days of your life. It’s a day you’ll want to relive again and again (especially after months of planning and anticipation). If only you could freeze the entire day and play it on repeat whenever the mood strikes. Well, guess what? You can! Capturing the day in photos and printing them in a photo book is one way of making that wish come true. And if a picture’s worth a thousand words, how about pictures and words to create a custom wedding guest photo book?! Priceless. Making custom wedding guestbooks with Chatbooks is beyond easy. Read on for some cute wedding guest book ideas.

Your wedding guest book tells a story, literally. Once the wedding’s over (and only one day to wear your favorite dress!), you’ll have a big book of stories, warm wishes, and recollections from your big day from your favorite people. Sure, you could go with an empty, heavy book to serve as your guest book, but what’s the fun in that? Give your guests something to look at by giving it a more personalized touch. Not sure how? You’re in the right place, read how to get started. 

Compile Your Favorite Photos With Your Spouse-To-Be

Whether you prefer to show off your curated and beautiful engagement photos or want to give guests a glimpse of your casual day-to-day with some fun and goofy photos together, pick your favorite ones and add them to an album on your camera roll or computer. Now, you’re one step closer to having the wedding photo guest book of your dreams.

P.S. Don’t forget to pick out your favorite, show-stopping photo to star as the cover image to really capture your guests’ attention. Or, if you simply can’t choose one photo, pick out a designer cover option instead.

Head to the Chatbooks Website or Download the App

Once you’ve chosen your favorite photos, head over to the Chatbooks app or website. Select the Premium Layflat Photo Book option so your pages will lay flat while your book is open, making it perfect for guests to leave their love notes. Or, opt for a Classic Photo Book so you can fit even more pages in your soon-to-be favorite memory, the choice is yours! 

Seamlessly add your favorite photos by downloading them from your photo source of choice for your personalized guest book.

Personalize to Your Heart’s Content

This is the fun part! Play around with the format of your photos as much or as little as you want. If you want to maximize the amount of photos in your photo book, or simply tell a story on one page, add a photo collage. If you want to share a fun fact about a photo, add a caption. Similarly, if you want to recount a story about a photo, add an entire text page. 

Don’t forget to leave a couple of blank text pages adjacent to your photos for extra space for your guests to write their well wishes in your DIY guest book. If you don’t want guests writing on your photos, consider adding a blank page for every other page so there is plenty of space for story-telling.

Give It a Once Over and Send It to Print

Once your wedding guest book is to you and your spouse-to-be’s liking, simply send your book to print. Now, you’re one step closer to the big day! Get excited for a fun mail day. Once your custom guest book arrives, have some fun by flipping through the pages together and imagining the future together where you’ll have already said “I do,” and the pages are filled with hand-written messages remembering what a time it was! (Plus, some funny advice from your Uncle Joe.)

See? Custom wedding guestbooks are easy to create, especially with helpful options like Chatbooks. Marrying your favorite photos with your guest’s kind words may very well top the list of cute wedding guest book ideas and make for unique guest book ideas. 

P.S. Don’t forget to commemorate your gorgeous wedding photos from the big day itself in a photo book of its own and watch it become a prized family heirloom. It’s a great sentimental gift to give during the holidays (or for your anniversary).

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