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Karalynne Call of Just Ingredients Teaches Why We Must Nourish Our Minds and Bodies

“If it will nourish your body, eat it and enjoy it. If it's not going to, then donate it.”

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Before helping thousands of families get healthy through good choices, Karalynne Call of Just Ingredients went on a journey to heal herself. It wasn’t easy, and it didn’t happen overnight. She had to find a doctor that understood her goals and wanted to help her reach them. Today, as a registered dietitian and nutritionist, Karalynne has helped thousands of families swap out products in their homes to live more balanced and non-toxic lifestyles. You can find her sharing her grocery trips on Instagram and explaining the “why” behind her decisions at the store.Not only that, but Karalynne has created a successful line of natural products that often sell out. On this episode of The MomForce Podcast, Karalynne sits down with Vanessa Quigley, Chatbooks co-founder and mother of seven, to get real about how to jumpstart your health journey, creative ways to get your kids onboard and more. If you have ever wondered what words like glyphosate or GMO mean and why we need to be aware of them, then this MomForce Podcast episode is for you! 

Here are just a few of Karalynne’s takeaways from the interview…

What happened 15 years ago before you began your health journey?

I was a mom of three and I had terrible depression. I mean, dark, dark depression to the point that I actually even attempted suicide. And thankfully, by the grace of God, that did not happen. And so at that point, my lowest of low, I was like, I need help. I absolutely need help. I've got to get answers.

You’ve said that you were able to find a great doctor through trial and error. What is your advice for others looking for a medical professional?

Look for a functional medicine doctor who is trained to find the root cause of a problem. A lot of doctors will just give you a pill to help you with your problem. But they're not gonna delve down deeper and find out what the root cause is, but a functional medicine doctor will do that. We found out that I wasn't absorbing my B vitamins. I was very low on vitamin D, very low on magnesium, I didn't have enough amino acids, and my omega threes were terribly low. I had a whole list of things that were physically wrong in my body. There's a root cause, but there are multiple reasons for depression. You have to work with a doctor who can find out your root causes.

How does someone get started on their journey to better nourish their mind and body?

There are so many loud voices out there. So many conflicting voices, too. And so I just say: Ask yourself, will this nourish my body? If it will nourish your body, eat it and enjoy it. If it's not going to, then donate it. (This is the Just Ingredients guide to get started!) 

How do you get your kids on board with healthy eating?

Consistency really helped. They just learned, oh, okay we're trying to eat healthier. We've got to try these new vegetables. And eventually they came around. But at first it was hard. They loved their Lucky Charms and Trix, you know, things like that. And the other thing is it wasn't all or nothing all of the sudden. For instance, when we got rid of high fructose corn syrup, it's in ketchup, it's in barbecue sauce. They didn't know I was switching to a new ketchup. It was just ketchup without high fructose corn syrup, but they didn't know. So you can make a lot of changes without your kids even realizing you're making them. 

Listen to the full MomForce Podcast episode for more of Karalynne’s story. Follow Karalynne on Instagram and check out Just Ingredients.  

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