The Most Adorable Photo-A-Day Challenge for January 2021

on December 2, 2020

As you’re heading into the new year, you might be wondering what surprises 2021 will bring (we’re looking at you, March 2020). One thing you can plan on: Photos of the things you love will ALWAYS bring you joy. To start 2021 off right, take more pictures so that you can hold on to what matters.

That’s why you should try our photo-a-day challenge for January 2021. These easy prompts will take the guesswork out of your daily photo shoots, resulting in a bunch of interesting pictures that capture the first month of this new year. Post your photos to your Instagram feed so your followers can tag along with you every step of the way! At the end of the month, you can print your photos into a Chatbooks photo book that’ll double as a January time capsule for you and your family.

For each day of the month, take a picture of…

January 1: Something New

Start off the new year by taking and posting a picture of something new. Perhaps it’s a new book you’ve started, a picture of your brand new niece or nephew or even just a picture of a new plant that’s starting to grow.

January 2: What’s in your cup

Share your morning coffee or your evening wine for this daily challenge.

January 3: Your favorite view

Capture the horizon from your balcony as the sun is beginning to set or a landscape photo of what you see out of your car window as you go on a fav scenic drive. 

January 4: Kids’ hands

Your little’s chubby fingers will only be soft and smushy for so long! Take a photo of their hand in yours.

January 5: Something that makes you LOL

Laughter is the best medicine and it is important to collect all the moments that make you giggle with delight. Photograph what makes you laugh today.

January 6: A selfie that fits the entire family

Got a pet? Get them into the shot! Are your in-laws staying with you on this day? Have them join in. This selfie will capture a sweet moment in time with your family.

January 7: A 2021 goal

Pictures or it didn’t happen. If you’re into New Year’s resolutions, capture one in action. Take a picture of yourself at the gym or as you learn a new skill so that you can track your progress.

January 8: Snap a throwback

Dig up an old picture of your favorite vacation or a special memory with your significant other. You’ll love to have a great throwback in your photo collection.

January 9: Capture peace

Take this day to breathe and find a moment of quiet. Take a picture of your happy place or anything that makes you feel at peace.

January 10: Look at nature

Be sure to get outside on this day. You can go on a walk or hike, and be sure to bring your phone or camera. Take a picture of whatever inspires you in nature.

January 11: Show shadows

Light and reflections can carry a lot of meaning when it comes to photos. Shots of the sun coming through the window or your silhouette on the sidewalk during an afternoon walk can result in beautiful and thoughtful photos.

January 12: Have your kids take a photo of you

Let your littles art direct the scene. Do they want you to wear a specific outfit or stand in one area of the house? Or maybe they want you to make a crazy face? Do what they say and you’re sure to get a funny photo.

January 13: Do a self-portrait

No matter if it’s a simple selfie or something a bit more abstract, add a self-portrait to your monthly photo-a-day haul. 

January 14: Where you stand

Find a cool tile floor or your favorite spot outside and take a picture of your feet. Check out @ihavethisthingwithfloors on Instagram for inspiration.

January 15: Something sweet

Is there anything better than dessert? We don’t think so, which is why we’re adding it to our monthly challenge. Make sure to treat yo’self a little today and snap a great photo.

January 16: Your favorite person

Whether it’s your grandad, significant other, kiddo or Ruth Bader Ginsberg, take a picture of your favorite person and add a caption about why they’ve inspired you in your life.

January 17: Words

Share a screenshot of a touching text you’ve kept or a favorite quote or even a picture of a street sign you love. Share a photo of words with your followers on this day.

January 18: Social impact

Since January 18th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, share a photo of something that has had a big impact on you.

January 19: Your work space

In the future, your children and grandchildren will be fascinated to see how you survived the great “work-from-home” era of the 21st century. Take a picture of your WFH set-up so they can see where the magic happens.

January 20: OOTD

Whether you’re getting fully dressed these days or have been wearing the same sweatpants for a month, document your ensemble.

January 21: Your kid’s bedroom

Snap a photo of your kid’s room so that you can freeze a little moment in time. They’ll love to look back at this photo when they’re older!

January 22: Your favorite door

Doors are often symbolic of new beginnings and entering into a new phase of life. Find your favorite archway, a colorful gate or any door that you would love to take a picture of and snap away.

January 23: Patterns

Find a pattern that you love and take a few photos full of texture and variation.

January 24: Light

There are many things in life that are full of light. You can take pictures of your favorite windows, people or even quotes that remind you of brightness.

January 25: What’s on your dinner plate

Your favorite meal might feature a family recipe or your go-to DoorDash order. Either way, take some shots of your dinner plate that all the foodies will drool over. Here’s some advice on how to up your photo game from DesignLoveFest!

January 26: Your local weather

Whether you live on the coast where the sun never stops shining or in the mountains where snow sticks around even into the spring, January weather is always worth photographing. Beautiful storms and stunning sunsets make for great photo ops.

January 27: Your favorite purchase

Every once in a while, it’s important to splurge on the things that make you happy. Share your favorite purchase you’ve ever made, or even just a recent favorite purchase.

January 28: Animals

If you have a pet, take a photo of your favorite furry friend. If not, find a way to incorporate animals into your day (perhaps it’s simply wearing your favorite animal-print shirt).

January 29: Stars

Stars can represent guidance, protection and spirituality. Find special stars in your day, whether it be literal stars at night or someone that is a star in your eyes.

January 30: Your parents

Honor your parents this month by celebrating them on your Instagram feed. You can share your favorite old photo of them or a recent selfie that you snapped with them in it.

January 31: What’s on your mind

As the month comes to a close, take a photo that sums up how you feel about January 2021. Maybe it’s a selfie with a telling expression or a photo of the people who have made your month special.