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25 Intentional Journal Prompts for Reflecting in the New Year

Be mindful when it comes to your memories!

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The beginning of a new year always prompts nostalgia and reflection — especially when there are so many memories from the past year you don’t want to forget! Here’s a pro tip: As you pick which pictures to include in your Yearbook, you can also add text pages to your photo book to chronicle other things you want to reflect on in the future, like what you’re grateful for and what you've accomplished. You can fill these out as a family, too! Try these 25 intentional journal prompts while reflecting this year...

Intentional Journal Prompts for Your Family’s Yearbook
  1. Write one sentence to describe 2022.
  2. 2022 was the year that we…
  3. I’m proud of the way we handled… in 2022.
  4. Five lessons we learned in the past year include…
  5. The biggest challenge we faced in 2022 was…
  6. In 2022, we celebrated…
  7. We forgive ourselves for…
  8. Ask each member of the family to write a sentence about a standout moment.
  9. We couldn’t have done… without … in 2022.
  10. How did you grow in 2022 that’s important to take with you into 2023?
  11. Next year, we hope that...
  12. Five things we’d like to try next year include…
  13. Ask each member of your family to write a sentence about something they’d like to be more open to in the future.
  14. Who did your family spend most of your time with last year?
  15. Who would your family like to spend more time with in the future?
  16. What were your family’s favorite words in the past year?
  17. Where would your family like to go in 2023?
  18. Ask each member of the family to write what they’d like to accomplish in 2023.
  19. What’s something your family said “no” to last year you’d like to “yes” to in the future?
  20. Ask each member of your family to write a sentence about a memory they have with another member of your family.
  21. What’s something your family would like to move past and let go of?
  22. Write a list of everything your family is grateful for.
  23. What does your family want to make time for next year?
  24. Make a bucket list of 10 new things your family wants to try next year.
  25. Write a letter to the future, so when your family looks back through your Yearbook, you have your own time capsule!
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