on April 14, 2020

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Episode 47: How to Cope with Stress and Anxiety with Dr. Lisa Damour

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Psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Lisa Damour is joining Vanessa and co-host (and sister) Shelly on today’s episode of The MomForce Podcast to talk about stress and anxiety and how we can manage it!

“Stress occurs anytime we are adapting to new circumstances.” Raise your hand if you are feeling stressed during this quarantined time!! Dr. Damour says that the feelings of stress aren’t always bad. They are a normal human function. They can lead to growth and durability. But what happens when that stress is too intense, like during Covid-19? Dr. Damour suggests staying away from what she calls negative coping strategies. That can be poor eating habits, not getting enough exercise, turning to substance abuse (ie, social media, alcohol). Instead, look to maintain social connections, get outside more, take care of your body. These are all coping strategies that will help reduce the long term effects of all this increased stress.

Likewise, anxiety is your body’s natural response when it doesn’t feel safe. Allowing ourselves and our kids feel and experience anxiety is healthy. But just like stress, trouble happens when we let anxiety get out of control. Dr. Damour says one of the simplest things we can do is simply acknowledge that what we are feeling is normal and an expected response. When that isn’t enough to put our anxiety in check, a licensed psychologist can give you effective cognitive and physical techniques to bring your anxiety down. 

For kids, it can be difficult to know when they need professional help. Dr. Damour says that if physical or emotional milestones are being missed, it may be time for an appointment or if your child specifically asks to talk to someone, we should honor that request. 

So here we are. Quarantined. #physicaldistanced. And feeling all kinds of emotions and wondering how to cope. Thankfully, Dr. Damour has a step by step strategy that we can all use to help get us through any meltdown. Click HERE to see it! And while you’re at it, you can read her New York Times article about “quaranteenagers” and how we can support them through this time! 

You can find more information on Dr. Lisa Damour on her WEBSITE.

Check our her lastest book, Under Pressure. We think it should be required reading for all parents of girls!

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