How to Make Automatic Collage Pages in Your Yearbook

For a whole year’s worth of memories, easier is always better!
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on December 14, 2022

Whether you’re getting ready to fill a brand new Yearbook with your family’s pictures most recent pics, or you’re printing a collection of Yearbooks from years past, you’ve got a lot of photos and even less time. If you don’t want to forget a single moment, collages are the best way to hold onto every portrait and candid. The best part? Yearbooks are super easy to start, don’t take a long time to make and you can turn all those photos just sitting in your phone into a collection of photo books your family can actually flip through!

How to automatically make collage pages in your Yearbook

1. Tap the “home” button on the main screen

2. Scroll down to “Yearbooks”

3. Select “create now”

4. Choose source

5. Select photos, then tap “see my book”

6. Underneath the cover photo select “4 per page”

7. Tap on “continue to preview”

How to create Yearbooks for previous years

  1. Tap the “home” button the main screen
  2. Scroll down to “Yearbooks”

3. Select “create now”

4. Choose source

5. Tap the year at the top of the screen

6. Select the year you’d like to create

7. Select photos, then tap “see my book”

8. Change the title and select “new cover page"


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