How To: Design an Amazing Custom Cover

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on April 13, 2016


Here’s how to make an extra special cover for your Chatbook:

  1. Pick a photo with some plain background—having a little bit of space makes the words and designs you add standout.
  2. Download an app that lets you add design elements: we love Adobe Post and Studio(both are free apps with lots of free tools). (Pro tip: to remove the watermark on Adobe Post designs, simply choose to “share” the photo and email it to yourself.) 
  3. Make sure you’re editing your photo as square, so it fits perfectly on a Chatbook cover.
  4. Add a short phrase: one to five words are best for making a high-impact cover. (Make sure that there’s not text right near an edge, so there’s no chance it gets cut off.) Play with a few design options—you can even see other users’ designs and overlay one you like on to your own photo!
  5. Once you have a design you love, export it and save to your camera roll on your phone.
  6. Create a custom Chatbook, and when you go to edit your cover simply choose the photo you designed. Voila!


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