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Photo Book Ideas: Create a Cook Book for College Students

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As a college student 23 percent of text messages to my mom are “Hey, how do you make crepes again?” or “I volunteered to make dinner for my friends, what do I do?”.  A few minutes or hours later, I’ll receive a text message detailed enough to fill my screen. Apparently I am living my mother’s worst nightmare. What if I face a serious emergency? What if my boyfriend’s parents come over for dinner or I need to make peace with an army of Sherpas? Consequently, every time I go home she tries to teach me an “easy” recipe. Life is much simpler because she finally made me a recipe book with Chatbooks. It’s so easy, all you need is a phone! 

How To Create A Cook Book For College Students:
  1. Take a picture of your edible creation, or find a picture online and take a screenshot.
  2. Go into your Chatbooks app and add your photos
  3. Add text pages.
  4. Type in the secret family recipe or copy and paste one from online into the text pages.
  5. Press and drag your text pages to sit directly next to the corresponding pictures.
  6.  Preview and make sure it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of.
  7.  Press “Order”!

This is a perfect graduation gift for your kids going off into the real world (gasp). Not only college grads, but your cute teens leaving home for the first time (awww). I’m sure they’ll still text and ask for help, but that’s just because they miss you.

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