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MomForce Podcast Episode 27: Holiday Traditions that Spark Joy!

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on November 19, 2019

Welcome to the MomForce Podcast! Vanessa Quigley, mother of 7, entrepreneur and co-founder of Chatbooks, hosts this refreshing take on all things mom. Along with her 4 sisters, they’ll get into the nitty-gritty of real life parenting together, bringing you some tried and true tips and tricks to help make mom-life a little easier. And check out the #momforce by Chatbooks Facebook page.

Episode 27: Holiday Traditions that Spark Joy!

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Research shows that much like displaying printed photos, practicing family traditions helps build children’s identity and strengthen family connection. But holiday traditions can be overwhelming! You don’t have to do ALL of the things in order to make your season magical.

Holiday traditions can be elaborate nightly shenanigans for your Elf on the Shelf, or simply putting oranges in the toe of every Christmas stocking. In this episode of The MomForce Podcast, Erika and Leah join Vanessa to share the traditions they loved growing up, the compromises they made with their spouses, and the traditions that didn't make the cut!

Whether you’re starting from scratch or hoping to carry on long standing generations old family traditions, take care to not become overwhelmed. Be realistic about your expectations, schedule your activities, and know that it’s ok to simplify. Every family is meant to be different so "you do you"!

The Quigley kids musical program at nursing home

Erika's Christmas dinner with her unique holiday plates

Quigley kids in their matching holiday jammmies

Turkey Veggie Platter Crudités

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