16 Best Holiday Gift Hiding Spots

on September 22, 2020

The holiday season is coming in HOT.  And with many families working from home and juggling digital learning, that means more bodies in the house. And do you know what more bodies in the house means (and I’m not referring to the extra dishes)? It means more opportunities for Christmas present snoopers! You know what I’m talking about. Kids sneaking into their parents' closet to check what's in that overstuffed Target bag.

Well, we here at Chatbooks are determined to keep some magic alive in 2020. That's why we asked our MomForce Facebook group: Where do you hide your holiday gifts? And the responses we got became the gift that kept on giving. If you’ve ever wondered what to do when it comes to hiding Christmas gifts, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorites gift-hiding suggestions...

“We hide anything big in my husband's trunk. The kids never ride in his car.” —Jamie 

“When we used cloth diapers, I would hide presents under the liner in the diaper pail! No one ever thought to look there!” —Montserrat

“I use the Thule storage container we keep on top of our van!” —Amy

“I just lock the door to our spare room and store them on the bed.” —Sarah

“My go to place for several years has been inside suitcases! We rarely travel near the holidays and have some pretty good sized suitcases to use.” —Greta

“Nothing crazy here. Each kid has a box and it goes up on the top shelf of my closet.”  —Michelle

“Laundry room cabinets. Wherever you hide them, leave yourself a note! I hate it when I can’t find presents that I’ve hidden.” —Ashley

“I wrap everything as soon as possible.” —Amber

“I hide everything in the empty Christmas tree box.” —Laura

“Growing up, my mom had to keep the presents at our elderly neighbors house because I was too good of a snoop.” —Leslie

“I hide everything in black trash bags in our scary basement storage room!” —Lindsay

“My go to spot is in our big camping coolers!” —Marie

“I just had to hide a large Playmobil set under a big pile of clean laundry. No one will ever touch it!” —Amanda

“My husband keeps my gifts at his office.” —Lissa

“My sister-in-law and I live nearby to each other, so I keep my presents in her garage and she keeps hers in mind. The kids definitely snoop, but they only find out what their cousins are getting for Christmas!” —Beth

“The basement is a treasure trove of mini hiding places that the kids never think to look at. That old dog kennel with a towel thrown over it, a box that we use for cleaning rags — they all turn into places where I can hide presents in plain sight.” —Marie