10 Spooky Halloween Photoshoot Ideas

on September 9, 2020

When it comes to Halloween, you might not be the parent who sews their kid’s costume from scratch and wins the local pumpkin pie baking contest — and who cares?! Halloween is about dressing up, eating candy and spending quality time together, and you don’t need to be a DIY master to make any of that happen. Whether your family costumes are store-bought, reused from years past or repurposed vintage clothing (who knew your kid would consider your Von Dutch hat to be such an artifact), they’re bound to look totally epic in your Halloween photos. Not sure how to really (pumpkin) spice up your holiday this year? No tricks! We’ve got you covered with creative Halloween photoshoot ideas to make your fall pictures a real treat.

Go for matching family costume

Nothing is more fun than a full family costume. From the Brady Bunch to the Addams Family, find the best group costume for your squad and set up a spooky Halloween photoshoot with props galore. Ask everyone to get into character for hilarious pics you’ll definitely want to print.

Set up a photoshoot in the front yard

If you love to decorate your front yard with ALL the seasonal props, take some photos out there to commemorate all your hard work. Dress the little ones in their costumes and pose them in front of your pumpkins and ghouls for a truly festive photo.

Create a spooky backdrop

Make a super simple photoshoot backdrop like one of these, find all your little witches and ghosts, and get them in front of the camera for some adorable photos.

Snag some eerie scenery

If you’re a scary movie lover, odds are you might want your photos to err on the side of creepy rather than sweet. Find some dead tree branches to cover in cobwebs, opt for a night shoot or put some of your makeup skills to the test with an eerie costume.

Find a local festivity

In autumn, most communities are bustling with exciting activities for the whole family. Local pumpkin patches, haunted houses and hayrides will make for some spooky photos.

Wear totally random costumes

For those with a big group of friends, make sure to take some fun and hilarious photos with your costumes. Sometimes the sillier and more mismatched the costumes, the better! Rather than opting for a group costume, tell your squad to dress up as the weirdest collection of cartoons and celebrities who might sit around a fictional dinner table. This weird costume collective is bound to make you smile.

Incorporate your crafts

Make festive garlands like these for a cute prop to use in your Halloween photoshoot. Grab some old craft paper to make a garland to go on your wall as a backdrop. Find some old ribbon to make some spooky tattered curtains.

Participate in classic Halloween activities

Go candid and score snaps of the kids carving pumpkins, eating their Halloween candies or getting into their costumes.

Ask the neighbors for help

If you live in a neighborhood with some great homes and props, ask your neighbors if you could take a photo in front of their decor with your family.

Learn a few photo editing tricks

This year, opt for a trick by learning a few editing skills to really amp up your Halloween photos. Create some spooky filters, incorporate some dark lighting and play with saturation on your blood-spattered props to make your photos really pop.