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25 Crazy Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids and Adults

Cash in on loads of family fun with these creative and spooky games!
Ghost piñata game with kids
on October 07, 2021

Whether you're known for your annual Halloween bashes or just starting the tradition, give your guests something to talk about with these ghoulish, spooky and downright awesome DIY party games. Perfect for all ages, these 25 awesome Halloween party games are the perfect mix of traditional Halloween games, plus include ideas for adults. And remember: Pics or it didn't happen! Snap photos with all your guests you can remember all the amazing costumes — and memories — from your party each year. And don't let them sit on your phone, bring them out into the light of day by printing them in your Monthbook. Read on for fun Halloween party games that are bound to get you and your ghoul-friends into the spooky spirit.

Mummy race

There are many variations on this game, but the idea is for each team to wrap up a designated mummy in toilet or crepe paper as fast as they can. The goal is to run out of paper first and in the fastest amount of time without breaking the roll!

Jack-o-lantern corn hole

A twist on the classic game of corn hole, this game takes your pumpkin carving to a whole new level. Carve out the mouths of the jack-o-lanterns into big open holes and set up a game of bean-bag toss with some adorable and spooky prizes.

Pumpkin checkers

This is a truly awesome idea, and it also involves a fun DIY project. Get a large, square piece of wood and paint a checkerboard pattern on it. Then purchase some small orange and white pumpkins (the same amount of each)... and voila! You have a pumpkin checkerboard game ready to play with your friends and family out in the backyard. Check out this one for some inspiration.

Pumpkin balloon stomp

Fill some orange balloons with air, draw a pumpkin face on each, and set the balloons loose in your backyard. Get the kids to stomp out the balloons and pop as many as they can under a minute.

Halloween scavenger hunt

Find little Halloween toys like plastic eyeballs, fake spiders and ghost handkerchiefs, and hide them in sneaky locations throughout your home and yard. Then, tell the guests to find these trinkets and associate each one with an awesome prize.

Truth or Scare

Always a crowd favorite, truth or dare can be spiced up with a little Halloween flavor by creating some dares that are slightly spooky! Dare someone to tell a scary story, make a spooky face or to jump out of the closet the next time someone in your group leaves the room and returns.


Who you gonna call (when you can’t get your guests to leave your Halloween party because they’re having so much fun?!). Draw ghost faces onto white plastic cups and then stack them into a pyramid. Let guests take shots at trying to knock the cups down with a Nerf gun (if you’re outside) or ping pong ball (if you’re indoors and don’t want to wreck your house).

Fake spider races

Set up a fake spider race track on a table using tape to designate the start and finish lines, along with each player’s racing lane. Then give the kids some straws to blow their toy spiders to the finish line!

Frankenstein bowling

Paint monsters, ghouls and ghosts onto empty cans or bottles, and stack them in a bowling set-up. Use a plastic pumpkin or an orange ball to bring your Halloween bowling game to life!

Guess how many

Fill a jar full of candy corn, Halloween candy and other trinkets and then have guests guess how many items are in the jar. Let the winner choose their prize!

Halloween guess who

Write down some classic Halloween character names onto slips of paper, drop them into a bowl and have everyone draw a paper at random. Then, the party-goers will go around and ask questions to figure out which character each player is. The first one to figure out the characters wins.

Candy corn race

This “minute-to-win-it” game with a Halloween twist is SO much fun. Grab some straws and cups full of candy corn. Then see how many candies players can extract from their cups using just their straws in under a minute.

Halloween word scramble

Scramble some Halloween words on a piece of paper and then see which guests can unscramble the words before anyone else!

Sugar cookie decorating

A good party needs delicious treats, and what better way to add to the fun than a cookie decorating station as a party game?! Bake some sugar cookies into the shapes of bats, spiders, ghosts and pumpkins and get busy.

Witch hat ring toss

A clever take on horse shoes or the classic ring toss: Set up a station with homemade paper witch hats as the goals and toss some rings for hours of fun.

Capture the pumpkin

Just like the capture the flag game, but instead of a flag, use a mini-pumpkin and split into two teams in the backyard for an awesome and competitive game.

Murder mystery

This game can be found online or made up by the host, but the goal is to come to the party in character and figure out who murdered who by the end of the night. Send the roles out in advance and play out the game with some spooky music and props.

Ghost telephone

Instead of using just one word to pass along like in the classic telephone game, use a spooky phrase or story and see how it changes as you pass it along the ghost line.

Halloween bingo

This is a great way for guests of all ages to enjoy playing together and getting a little competitive. Use candy as the bingo chips and Halloween images and words as the bingo squares. This classic game will be a guaranteed hit.

Pumpkin pictionary

A great game for adults, this high-stakes twist on the classic pictionary will leave guests laughing and loving your Halloween party. Have guests carve clues into their pumpkins for their pictionary word and give them a time limit to make the game even more competitive.

Halloween movie trivia

Think of all the great cinematic masterpieces that are Halloween-based plots! Create a game of trivia and put your friends’ movie knowledge to the test with this awesome party game.

Would you rather

Spice up this game with some spooky, eerie and creepy scenarios to make this game a Halloween hit!

Werewolf game

You can find the rules for this game online. This Halloween game is great for a late night scare and to keep guests on their toes.

Spooky scattergories

Who doesn’t love a good game of scattergories? Add some rules to this game by making all the categories Halloween-themed.

Eyeball pong

Just like your favorite college pastime, find some ping pong balls and turn them into eyeballs using markers or stickers. Then, set up a great round of “beer pong” (you can use your drink of choice) for a fun Halloween festivity.

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