Easy Kid Gardening Tips with Live Free Miranda

on July 25, 2017

Gardening with kids is the perfect activity to help bond and bring in something a little extra fresh to any meal. We got some great, kid friendly gardening tips from Live Free Miranda. Miranda says one key to success is:

Low Maintenance

Once planted in good soil, the herbs only need sunlight, water, and an occasional sprinkling of fertilizer to grow happily. I can send the kids outside with a watering bucket and they love the job of dumping it in the garden. Because of our mild winter weather, my herbs last year after year, sometimes growing all the way through the colder weather. The plants easily grow up, stretch out, and offer piles of fragrant leaves for us to use in our kitchen. Ours get almost full sun, and seem thrilled about it. We make sure to water a little more in the hot weather, and luckily they are happy as can be.

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