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Showoff!: How to Display Family Photos Tastefully

 How to Display Family Photos Tastefully
on September 27, 2019

Pinterest is waist-deep with creative photo display ideas, but wading those particular waters can also make you never want to see a clothespin ever again. So, how to display family photos tastefully without hot-gluing your wedding album to your forehead? Read on.

Mix and Match

Creative photo display ideas

Creative photo display ideas needn’t be limited to books or prints—if you’re looking for how to display family photos tastefully, try showing off both at the same time. Showcase the best and brightest in a framed wall display, and stash photo books in baskets in a shelving unit underneath, just like @sarah.w.kress.

How to display family photos

Or skip the frame grid and book baskets. Instead, display photos in a variety of frames, and simply stack the books elsewhere on the shelving unit that holds your framed prints. Peek at this setup from for inspiration.

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Remember Where the Term “Coffee Table Book” Comes From

How to display family photos on a table

If you’re looking for how to display family photos on a table, try … displaying family photos on a table. When you make a Chatbooks photo book, choose your most breathtaking photo for the cover (like the Italian vista @lifeontheshadygrove chose), then let it sit on your coffee table next to Ansel Adams. (Or skip Ansel altogether and just make a bunch of your own photo books.)

Form a Vignette

How to display family photos on a table

Pairing photo books with something decorative can fill small surfaces in your home—perfect for when you’re looking for how to display family photos on a table. Like this cute seashell vignette from @faye_home_family.

Design Your Own “Wallpaper”

Creative photo display idea

One benefit of the Chatbooks print service is that the photos can become a living wallpaper. You can start with a border and go inward as your collection grows, or start with a collage at eye level and expand outward. It’s a creative way to display photos without frames—and with immense flexibility. Like this adorable wallpaper collage from @drnealhouse.

Invite People In

Displaying Family Photo Albums

By storing photo books in a number of positions, you strike a balance of practicality (spines outward-facing), display (photo covers), and allure (what visitor could refrain from thumbing through an open photo album?). It hints at how to display family photos tastefully while still being relaxed and inviting, the way @smithpartyof4willtravel showcases her vacation albums.


Creative Ways to Display Photo Albums

A photo holder can be a simple, creative way to display photos without frames, like the way @_houseofjoy arranges her photo book collection. You don’t have to buy something special—a mail rack from an office supply store does the trick—but you can also buy accessories specifically designed to showcase your Chatbooks prints and photo books.

Make It Interactive

Interactive ways to display photos

Baskets, open-lidded display boxes, crates—the point of these isn’t just to store photos and photo books, it’s to store them in a way that doesn’t make them a total PITA to take out and look at. Keeping pictures in easily accessible bins encourages everyone to take them out and look at them, and isn’t that the reason you’ve taken each of the 26,792 photos in your phone gallery? Check out @thefreckledfox's little ones enjoying their photo books.

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