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Chatbooks Baby Book – Using an Instagram Hashtag

on October 01, 2015

We are so excited about this new Chatbooks story video by the super talented Hailey Devine! If you aren’t familiar with Hailey’s work, check out her blog and thank us later.  And get ready to fall in love with her darling daughter little Lucy Devine. She is a doll! Watch how her first year was captured on Instagram and then made into a Chatbook by filtering for the hashtag #littlelucydevine. Holding on to those precious but fleeting baby years has never been easier!

Want to make a hashtag baby book?  It’s super easy! Here’s how:

  1. Add a hashtag to the pictures you post to Instagram that you would like in your book. (You can even go back and add the hashtag in either the comments or the caption of older posts if you’d like.)
  2. In the Chatbooks app, start a new Ongoing Series.  Choose Instagram as the photo source and log in to your Instagram account.
  3. Choose to filter photos by hashtag. Then enter your hashtag and all those tagged photos will automatically go into your book. If you want to add another hashtag, go through the steps again to add the second hashtag to the series.
  4. If you have friends or family members posting photos you’d like in your book too, have them use your hashtag and then add them as contributors. Tap the add contributor icon and you will get a special code that will allow other contributors’ pics to be added to your book. Each new contributor will have to download the app and then enter the code at the “Have a Code?” prompt. They will then be added to your book. All contributors can customize their own books by excluding or rearranging photos, and they choose when and if they want to order.

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