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6 Online Parenting Classes Every Parent Should Try

“Will my baby ever sleep?” and other parenting questions answered.
Mom and dad taking a selfie with baby boy.

on August 10, 2020

Parenting is no joke — even though you’ve likely found yourself deliriously laughing at 2AM while covered in milk. And you’re not alone in feeling like motherhood is the hardest job you’ll ever have. “With each baby, I felt like I was starting over. When should my baby nap? Do my nipples look normal? When will I ever sleep? It was like I had never done this before,” says Chatbooker Erika Anderson, mother of 7. 

Having kids can be complicated and scary and wonderful and messy. And while adult intuition can be pretty spot on, knowledge is power! And since parenting doesn’t come with a handbook, we’ve compiled a few online parenting classes because, let's face it, we could all use a little extra help raising the next generation. If you’re looking for free parenting classes or parenting classes just for dads, read on!

Parenting Class for Children of Any Age

Megan Leahy, certified parenting coach and columnist for The Washington Post, leads From Conflict to Cooperation: Understanding and Preventing Power Struggles with your Children. This 4 module online course allows parents to learn on their own time. In addition to her classes, Megan offers advice in a private Facebook group with bi-weekly live videos. There, she addresses current events that may affect child development and weighs in on tips and tricks from other parents in the online community. 

Price: $289 

Parenting Class for Newborns

Online sleep resource Taking Cara Babies — founded by a neonatal nurse and mother of 4 — offers a cours called Newborn: Will I ever sleep again? With 4 months access to pre-recorded online classes, participants will learn how to calm a fussy baby, understand your baby’s unique cues, and gain confidence as a new parent! The course includes Downloadable PDFs with helpful tips and strategies, and sample schedules to stay on track.

Price: $79

Parenting Class for New Parents

Pampers offers a Childbirth Education Series so that you can learn ALL of the things. Led by clinical childbirth experts who bring 47 combined years of experience, this 9-part series covers everything from pregnancy to postpartum care. It also includes the real-life experiences of five expecting parents.  

Price: Free

Class For Early Parenthood

Tinyhood offers a one-stop shop for parenting classes through expert-led courses. Class topics include breastfeeding, sleep, and meal planning for parents. Downloadable PDFs and videos mean you can reference these pro tips again and again.

Price: $0 - $49

Toddler Parenting Class

Author and certified positive discipline instructor Amy Cready offers informative classes through Positive Parenting Solutions. This is an online, self-paced course (with an app!) made up of videos and workbooks to help teach you how to deal with high stress tantrums. Students also receive access to years of coaching call recordings as well as one-on-one live help with certified coaches. 

Price: $199 and up

Positive Discipline Parenting Class

Licensed marriage, family and child counselor Dr. Jane Nelsen leads her Positive Discipline Online Parenting class. This online class offers 6 courses to teach caregivers life-changing skills on conflict resolution and using positive discipline. Classes can be viewed over and over again. Her course also includes e-workbooks with activities to enhance learning, along with e-cards with parenting tips. 

Price: $69

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