5 Tips for Taking Great Baby Photos

on January 11, 2016

Are you always wishing you could simply snap photos of your baby like a pro, but need some pointers on how to get the perfect shot? We have teamed up with The Alison Show to give you tips on how to not only take great pictures with your iPhone or camera, but also awesome ideas on how to style your photos and give your baby pics some pizzazz while you’re at it!

Here at Chatbooks we’ll give you the more technical (but super easy) photo tips, then head over to The Alison Show to see what she has to say about styling and giving your photos that extra pop of excitement!

1. It’s all about the lighting!

Make sure you’re taking photos by a window with indirect light. Indirect light, meaning there isn’t harsh, bright sun coming through, but rather the natural ambient light to light your baby. Turn off all your house lights as not to give an artificial look to the lighting and open up those window blinds for the perfect lighting!

2. Face your subject toward the window

Make sure your baby’s face or whatever you’re trying to photograph is facing the light. This will avoid any dark, unwanted shadows and make the pic bright and beautiful!

3. If there are heavy shadows on the side of the baby that’s not by the window, bouncing light is always a good idea. Don’t be scared, this is SUPER simple. Just get a white poster board and stand it up on the other side of the subject you’re shooting to reflect light from the window onto the shadows. This will brighten up those darks spots in your pic and make the lighting much more even.

4. Keep in mind angles

If you’re shooting small children or newborn babies, the photos always look great if you’re either directly over them or right at eye level, square on them. Don’t be afraid to pull up a chair and get a great overhead shot of your babe! Just make sure both you and your baby are safe at all times.

5. Keep calm and be natural

Make sure the room you’re shooting in is calm, quiet, and pleasant. Make the photos fun and don’t stress too much about it! I snapped this sweet shot of Alison with her cutie Fiona while we were taking a break from “shooting”, but it happened to be one of our favorite pics of the day! Wether you’re taking some face shots or tiny feet pics, take your time and don’t fret if you don’t get the shot you’d hoped for right away. Try again later. Babies need breaks too!

Any most importantly, have fun!

Don’t forget to head to The Alison Show for tips on dazzling up your photos! You’re going to want to hear what she has to say!