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10 Ways to Share Chatbooks

on April 14, 2020

Introducing your favorite product to your friends can sometimes feel easier said than done. It doesn’t have to be awkward or salesy or weird to inspire your friends to sign up to print their memories. It can be fun and easy!

Here are some creative, easy ways you can share Chatbooks with all your friends:

  1. Invite your friends to make a contributor book after a weekend trip!
  2. Have a “photoshoot” with your friends and all the kids! Have them make a Chatbook of all the photos you take.
  3. Show your “Instagram obsessed” friends how to subscribe to a Series.
  4. Introduce Chatbooks to friends who have just returned home from a vacation.
  5. Know a photographer? Suggest Chatbooks to them…. A super, simple way to display their work to clients.
  6. Make your Chatbooks the centerpiece of your family room! That way, every time your friends come over they’ll notice the Chatbooks.
  7. Post on Instagram why you love Chatbooks
  8. Introduce Chatbooks to your friends who already love scrapbooking! We guarantee they will love the convenience of Chatbooks compared to the traditional scrapbooks.
  9. Suggest Chatbooks to friends that are getting married or soon to be parents!
  10. Know someone who owns their own business or works for a small company? Tell them how great their products would look in a Chatbook as a lookbook to show to their customers.


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