Back To School Photo Album

It’s the most wonderful time of the year— back to school! Okay, maybe not the most exciting time of the year, but a milestone that must be documented. What will happen in third grade for your scholar? Will your little munchkin be the king of the playground, paint like Picasso, or the spelling bee champ? There’s no easier way to remember the school year than making a Chatbook for your student. Better yet, make it a class book and turn it into a fabulous teacher gift! Have other classroom parents get involved in a contributor book to make a customized class “yearbook.”  A Chatbooks yearbook is a gift your child will cherish forever.

Here are a few ways you can make a Chatbook yearbook:

#hashtagChatbook Every photo you post on Instagram of your kids at school use a personalized hashtag like, #welove3rdgrade. This will make pulling all your photos together into a Chatbook beyond easy!

Contributor Chatbook Get your kid’s favorite teacher and other parents involved! They can contribute all the pictures they take at school with a contributor book!

Custom Chatbook: You can always make a custom book,select all your favorite photos from the year into one book.

Back To School Photo Album

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