According to a recent WebMD article, spending time with close friends can help encourage healthy habits, boost self-esteem, and decrease depression.

And if those health benefits don’t make you start googling all-inclusive Mexico resorts, perhaps our new Custom Rifle Chatbooks travel covers will!

Rikki, Chatbooks’s event party planner, loved them so much, that she decided to finally create a Chatbook from the NYC girls’ trip she took with some friends last year.

“My dearest friend moved to New York several months ago,” said Rikki. “So when I realized I’d be in town for work, I booked a later return flight and convinced her to join me in the city for a few nights of ‘moms gone wild.’ Two of our other friends caught wind and our party of two quickly became a party of four. The hilarity that ensued was certainly one for the books….the Chatbooks!”

The first thing Rikki did was create a shared album and invite everyone to join. As they snapped selfies, food pics, and covert Broadway play photos, they all added their pictures to the album in real time.

As trips always do, this one ended way to soon. Rikki and her friends were back to their normal lives faster than a New York minute. “When I got home, I opened up our shared album and got teary eyed, swiping through all the photos,” said Rikki. “These girls are my besties, my ride or dies, my girl gang. Those few days we spent together reenergized me in a way I wasn’t expecting.”

Even just looking through the photos, Rikki was able to relive some of their hysterical antics in the city. So naturally, Rikki created a Chatbook. “It was super simple to make,” she said. “I just selected the album and added it to the app. I included some of our funny commentary to the pictures, and found myself laughing out loud as I edited captions full of our inside jokes.”

Rikki chose Rifle’s Road Trip for the cover of her Custom Chatbook. “We were coming from three different states, so I thought it would be fun to see the map on the cover of our book,” said Rikki. She ordered four copies—one for herself and three for her bffs. “They loved their Chatbooks. I mean, come on!” said Rikki. “We think we’re hysterical, so it’s only fitting that our best material was put in print! And seeing their Chatbooks only cemented the pact we made before boarding our planes for home—more girls trips are a MUST!”

Sounds like WebMD got this one right! And if your husband protests yet another girls’ trip, remind him that it’s for your health. 😉


Rikki Anderson is the little sister of our own Chatbooker-in-Chief, Vanessa Quigley. Rikki is a Florida transplant, living in the shadows of Utah’s mountains. She’s been married for 17 years, has seven kids, two cats, a dog, and a neverending to-do list. Most of the time you can find her at her kids’ sporting events or trying to pressure her husband into just one more cat.

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