Add some fun om to your week with an impromptu yoga party—and that can mean a party of one, or with your family, partner, or friends! No supplies or planning needed: just throw down a towel and cat-cow your way to relaxation. A Yoga Party is a #52Memories you can do anyplace, and with any cool person in your life 🙂

We turned to Mira of Global Family Yoga for a few simple moves that will be a hit with everyone, from ages 2 to 92. Want a video to follow along to? Try this 5 minute session or these partner poses for a perfect way to make a yoga memory this week. (Bonus tip: if it’s warm out where you live, take your yoga party outside!)

Or Try Mira’s 3 Easy Relaxation Poses:

Relax your breath: Balloon Breath
Imagine you are blowing a balloon—take a deep breath in through your nose and slowly start to blow out through your mouth.

2. Relax your body: The Flop
While standing, bend over from the waist and wrap your arms around your legs for ultimate body stretching and relaxation.

3. Relax your mind: Tree Pose Challenge
A great way to help your mind focus! Bring one foot to the inside of the other leg and hold your palms together in front of your heart.

For more great yoga videos visit Global Family Yoga’s YouTube page and ‘Like’ them on Facebook for yoga tips and tricks.