Week 1: A Day of Photos

Pick a day and take a photo each hour of your normal life: activities, home, school, office, getting ready, everything! Watch Chatbooks Live Video Chat this week: Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, will join Vanessa to talk about how to make the happiest memories.

Week 2: Game Night

Grab your favorite games, assemble a crew, throw in some treats, and you have all the makings of an epic game night. This can be easy peasy or invite your friends for an impromptu party. Watch here for fun game night tips with out Chatbooker-in-Chief Vanessa.

Week 3: Make a New-to-You Smoothie

This week, whip up a new-to-you smoothie—there are so many options to play with! Watch here for Food Editor Lynn Andriani  favorite ideas for getting out of the banana-strawberry rut. Also try our favorite green smoothie recipe here!

Week 4: Get Your Yoga On!

Make some fun memories this week and throw an impromptu yoga party. Gather family and friends for a few low-key poses—no mats or fancy moves required, just an ability to try something new! Try this 5 minute yoga session to really get your yoga on.

Week 5: Write a Love Letter

Put pen to paper this week and write an old-fashioned love letter—to a partner, child, friend, or even a stranger! Get inspired by Hannah Brencher of More Love Letters (and best-selling author of If You Find This Letter) She shares her creative tips here, on how to easily craft a meaningful love letter.

Week 6: Have “Restaurant Night” at Home!

This week we’re embracing our inner chef and creating an at-home restaurant night! Try creating your favorite restaurant meal at home Or ditch the cooking, grab your favorite takeout, and light some candles for that fancy feel. Join us here for lots of great tips from food blogger Kristin Andrus!

Week 7: Perfect Your Go-To Joke

A go-to joke makes everything from awkward meetings to car trips more fun—and this week is all about finding and perfecting your go-to joke! Check out this video on how to nail your go-to joke!

Week 8: Take a Moonlight Stroll

Whether or not there is a full moon—There is nothing more fun than gathering your crew, bundling up, and escaping under the moonlight. But, hey if moonlight strolls aren’t your thing you can always try the Michael Jackson moonwalk!

Week 9: Make a Leap Year Time Capsule

It’s Leap Year! It’s the perfect opportunity to create a time capsule of your 2016 life: gather mementos with your family and friends, tuck them into a container, and voila! Ready to open in 2020. Watch us here at Chatbooks HQ make our time capsule for some ideas!

Week 10: Watch that TV Show!

You’ve been busy making memories, and this week is a chance to create a moment—and relax, too. Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Watch TV! Grab some popcorn, put your feet up, and don’t forget to take a picture of your decadent TV night.

Week 11: Make a Pie!

Today is officially Pi Day (3.14.16), but as food lovers we’re declaring it Pie Week! Any kind of pie will do: cherry pie, pumpkin pie, pizza pie, breakfast pie—the pie’s the limit. Show us your pie creations on Instagram with #52Memories.

Week 12: Color Outside the Lines

Grab a coloring book (we love the new adult coloring books, but your kids’ ones are also great) for a little technicolor quality time. Our kindergarten teachers aren’t grading us on this: Live a little and color outside the lines!

Week 13: Who You Foolin’?

It’s the one time a year when it’s totally ok to prank your kids, boss, or mom: April Fool’s Day! We’ll be be having an EPIC April Fool’s Day! We’re stocking up on invisible ink, squirting flowers, and plastic wrap to achieve ultimate foolishness. Share with us your April 1st Shenanigans with #52memories!

Week 14: Take a Spring Break

We’re taking a much needed spring break for Week 14 of #52Memories, and adding in more fun, less work, and a colorful, ice cold beverage. Hit up the pool, buy some new sandals, pick a bunch of wildflowers, or just walk around your house in your swimsuit (no judgment!)—this week is all about taking a few minutes to welcome the return of warm weather.

Week 15: Throw a Favorite Things Party

Invite some friends over for a night of sharing things you love! Simply watch your favorite movie with your family, share your favorite brownies with co-workers, or fill out a “favorites list” and share with friends on social media. Show us how you party on Instagram with #chatbooks and #52memories!

Week 16: Spring Clean like you love it!

Spring is in full swing, and that usually comes with a side of spring cleaning. This year, turn your most dreaded chore into a game—and fun memory—by incorporating one of these fun ideas. Don’t forget to document your accomplishment!

Week 17: Breakfast in Bed 

This Mother’s Day, get a little fancy with your breakfast in bed routine and whip up a batch of ombré pancakes! Simply divide regular batter into a few bowls, and put varying amounts of a food coloring in each bowl to make a stack of different shades. Don’t forget to take a picture and share with #52Memories!

Week 18: Plant an Herb Garden

This week, gather family and friends and start an herb garden together: choose your favorites (parsley, mint, rosemary, thyme… yum!) and plant in a pot or the backyard. As always, don’t forget to take a picture and share with #52Memories!

Week 19: Get Outdoors!

This week, come rain, sun or snow, get outside and enjoy the fresh air for a few minutes. Take a lunchtime walk, sit outside with a book, or check out a new-to-you local park. And make sure to snap a picture and share with #52Memories… we’re excited to see your alfresco adventures!

Week 20: Play Reporter!

This week, play reporter and interview someone from an earlier generation—like a grandparent—and ask them all about what life was like when they were growing up. Record your session (video or audio and pictures!), and share your favorite story on social media.

Week 21: Make Cookies for the Neighbors

This week, make your neighbors smile with a plate of cookies. Take a selfie with your neighbor and share it with the hashtag: #52memories

Week 22: Take a Picture of the First Day of Summer, Wearing All White! 

It’s finally summer! School is out, it warm, and it time to officially wear white! Take a picture wearing all white and tag it #52Memories!

Week 23: Host an Outdoor Movie

Pop some popcorn, grab some blankets and call your friends… it’s outdoor movie time! Head over to our blog for movie tips, instructions on setting up a screen, and more. Snap a photo of your movie party—We’re excited to see what you share.

Week 24: Fire Up The Grill!

Ah, the long, lazy days of summer where schedules are thrown out the window and meal times become a little less hectic. What better time that to broaden your grilling horizons than trying some new healthy recipes! Check out our blog for lots of new grilling recipes and don’t forget to post about your bbq parties!

Week 25: Cake for Breakfast!

We’re celebrating our 2nd birthday on Wednesday and we’re starting the party early. Join the celebration and have cake for breakfast!! Why not?! Take a snapshot of your a.m. festivities (and the smiles from the little kids–and big kids–in your family eating it!) and share with us on Instagram @chatbooks.

Week 26: 4th of July Traditions

The 4th of July is right around the corner and for us at Chatbooks, it represents a special day filled with great food, family, friends and traditions! This holiday weekend, create a new tradition: Make a firecracker pinata, craft some firework centerpieces, or whip up some red, white and blue berry freedom floats. Tag all your photos #52Memories

Week 27: Backyard Camping 

Head to a backyard near you for a magical night under the stars. Here’s how to make perfect s’mores, tell spooky stories, and take great photos. Always tag your photos on Instagram #52Memories

Week 28: Summer Movie Night With Foodstirs

Have a memorable summer movie night with family and friends! Pick a flick, get comfy, and most importantly pull out the movie snacks! Make the cutest Foodstir cupcakes to really amp up your movie night. Don’t forget to snap some pics of movie night and post #52memories!

Week 29: Stage A Water-Balloon Tournament

Water balloon fights are a classic for a reason—and they’re even better when water guns or hose-wielding warrior are involved! Split into two teams or make it every-man-for-himself…and remember, the fun is in getting wet, not necessarily being the last man standing, so have fun! Don’t forget to snap a pic for your Chatbook of your water hijinks, you’ll love looking back on that hot day in the winter

Week 30: Summer Reading

There’s nothing quite like sinking into a comfy chair and getting lost in a good book. This week, set your smartphone aside for a bit and pick up a page-turner. We’re always looking for good book recommendations here at CBHQ—show us what you’re reading on Instagram with the hashtag #52Memories.

Week 31: Host A Neighborhood Olympics

The Games in Rio kick off on August 5, to all the usual fanfare, fun, and patriotism. This year, why not get in on the action by planning an informal (low-investment!) neighborhood Olympics? Read here about all creative DIY ideas for making the cutest and most competitive Olympics yet!

Week 32: Farm to Fork: Make an At-Home Salad Bar

Start at a farmers’ market and pick up some fruits and vegetables. Create a healthy, vibrants at-home salad bar! Don’t forget to take an amazing photo of your colorful, homemade salad! For more inspiration check out our blog!  Don’t forget to tag your photos #52memories.

Week 33: Take A Road Trip!

Make this summer’s big road trip memorable! If that is with fun road trip snacks or some brand new chatbooks for your kids to enjoy! Check out our blog for inspiration before you hit the road! Don’t forget to tag all your photos #52memories.

Week 34: A School Scavenger Hunt!

Whether it’s a new school or just a new grade, get your tiny scholars excited for the new year by doing a school scavenger hunt! Use our printable scavenger hunt list to help your kiddos find their way around the new school! As always, take pics and share them with us on Instagram with the hashtag #52memories.

Week 35: Make a Sidewalk Chalk Art Gallery

Grab your family and friends and turn your driveway into a stunning sidewalk chalk art gallery. At this art gallery, photography is allowed so, document each exhibit and share on Instagram with #52memories. Check out our blog for more fun ideas!

Week 36: 1st Annual Sandwich Extravaganza

Invite your friends and family over for an epic smorgasbord of fancy homemade sandwiches. Get some crazy ingredients (like brie cheese, sundry meats, apricots, and more). Then, let your gets create and enjoy their own regal masterpieces. Check out our blog for more sandwich inspiration! Don’t forget to capture all the sandwich goodness with the hashtag: #52memories

Week 37: Take a Nature Walk

Grab your camera and go on a nature walk! Take pictures of the birds you see, the leaves changing colors, or the warm sunset. Jot down your thoughts and feeling and use them as the captions on your books. Share all your discoveries with us with #52memoires.

Week 38: Visit a Country Without Leaving Your House

Grab your kids and their friends and take a trip to a foreign country—without ever leaving your house! Visit our blog to download printable passports for your little travelers to track their adventures.

Week 39: Make a Mouth-Watering Tin Foil Dinner 

Make a tin foil dinner—it’s fun, easy, and delicious! The possibilities are endless, too. Don’t forget to capture the moment and share using the hashtag #52memories (bonus points for making a tin foil dessert).

Week 40: Caramel Apple Bar

Grab some apples, caramel, chopped nuts, coconut shavings, chocolate candies… This week, we’re enjoying a caramel apple bar! We can’t wait to see the sweet memories you create this week. Tag your photos with the hashtag: #52Memories.

Week 41: Make a DIY photo holder 

Grab some sticks and some string and make your very own, limited edition photo holder. Visit our blog for step-by-step instructions. Don’t forget to share your final product using the hashtag #52memories.

Week 42: Collect Fallen Leaves 

Get outside and start a collection of fallen leaves. How many colors and shapes can you spot? Take a picture to savor the colors before they’re gone!

Week 43: Have a Jack-O-Lantern Contest

Happy Halloween! This year don’t just carve pumpkins, but have a jack-o-lantern competition! Gather your friends and family and make some crazy pumpkins. Don’t forget to take some pictures and tag them at #52Memories.

Week 44: Make a Thank You Tree

Grab some colored paper, some scissors, some twine, … and make a thank you tree with your family and friends. On Thanksgiving, take some time to read through them together. Don’t forget to snap some pics and #52memories!

Week 45: Create Thanksgiving Recipes

This Thanksgiving, try a modern twist on dishes you love to share with the ones you love most. Bacon-wrapped dates? Crock pot macaroni and cheese? Pumpkin chocolate pies? Don’t forget to take pictures and share them with the hashtag #52Memories.

Week 46: Have a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 

Remember this Thanksgiving classic cartoon? And better yet, do you remember Charlie Brown’s one of a kind Thanksgiving menu? This Thanksgiving have your own Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner party! Don’t forget to snap some photos of this funny feast and tag it #52Memories.

Week 47: Make Stained Glass Paper Stars

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, new, and easy DIY holiday decoration? Here at Chatbooks we have been loving these colorful paper stained glass stars! These stars are prettiest decoration to hang in your window for a festive pop of color! Be sure to take pictures of all your beautiful stars and tag it #52Memories!

Week 48: Christmas Around The World 

This week learn about some holiday traditions from different cultures and countries. Make some new Christmas cookies, learn a new holiday carol, or decorate your home with some festive decorations. Make sure to snap some pics and tag it #52Memories. Maybe you will even create a brand new family tradition!

Week 49: Secret Service Santa

Nothing like a little service to spread holiday cheer! This week’s #52Memories is guaranteed to be memorable and lift your spirits! Instead of choosing a Secret Santa to give a present to, choose a Secret “Service” Santa. Put names into a bowl, have everyone draw a name, and then do secret acts of service for that person!