Your guests came faithfully to your wedding, showered you with gifts, and quite possibly helped you prep for your big moment to say “I do.” The least you can do is give them a sweet wedding favor to remember the day you spent together (and no, pillow mints do not count). Here are a few ideas that they will really love.

  1. A Tote Bag
Courtesy of Brooklyn Bride

Totes got married! 🙂 Give your guests a fun & practical gift they’ll use on your wedding day and beyond with a tote bag! Don’t forget to jazz it up with your favorite quote or unique design.

  1. Guesterly

Welcoming your guests has never been easier than with Guesterly! Create a wedding day program in less than an hour, including cute bios of all your guests. And for less than the cost of a cheese plate, sign me up! Create your own here!

  1. Donuts
Courtesy of Ruffled Blog

One thing we know for sure is that donuts always win, especially on an eventful (and oftentimes stressful) day like a wedding day! Treat your guests to what you already know they love, with donuts to have and to hold!

  1. Prints

Let your guests take away a colorful print to remember your day! We love the idea of printing photos of your wedding destination, to gift to your guests to remember the memories. Starting at just $15 for 24 prints, get started on your Chatbooks Prints pack here!

  1. Water Bottles
Courtesy of Labels R Us

AKA a summer ceremony must-have! Make sure your guests are hydrated with a water bottle or two. Don’t forget to design a label and add a bright straw to help keep the goodness flowing!


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