Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for thoughtful gifts. But who says thoughtful has to mean time-consuming? A Chatbooks photo book takes just a few minutes to create—the hardest part will be choosing which adorable designer cover to add to your book! Read on for a few ideas of people to include in your Valentine’s Day gifting spree.

1. Your Partner
Of course your partner needs a Valentine’s Day Chatbook! Add all of your latest photos into a beautiful book and choose a cover just for him/her. Our I Adore You cover is the perfect one for a classic look.

2. Parents
Mom or Dad would love a special Valentine’s Day Chatbook! Whether including photos of yourself, photos of your kids, or lovey-dovey pics of your parents, a Chatbook for Mom or Dad is sure to be a win.

3. BFFs
Your friends would love holding on to your favorite moments together with a Valentine’s Day Chatbook. From sushi rolls to road trips, you already shared all the best memories for the ultimate Galentine’s Day Chatbook!

4. Your Child
A Chatbook is a perfect gift to wrap up and give to your big or not-so-big kiddo on Valentine’s Day. It’s sure to make them feel special and loved. You could name all the reasons you love them in a present that is sure to be pulled down from the bedtime bookshelf often!

5. Pet
Okay, so you know your dog, cat, or hamster probably won’t even know what a Chatbook is. This one is more for you or for your fur baby’s other parents. Fill a Valentine’s Day book full of pictures of your furry little guy and selfies of the two of you for a super sweet pet book that redefines “crazy cat lady!” 😻